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This week was a reminder that a training plan is a guide not a map. I do this because I enjoy it and I think it improves my life. When family and training intersect, I’m going to choose family. This week my daughter made her first communion and we had a lot of prep to do and family in town visiting. Training took a back seat. I’m okay with that.

At this point, many of the fitness gains have been banked and missing a day or two is not going to scuttle my race. Will probably help.

Back at it next week. Seven weeks until the triathlon. Hoping to get a new FTP measured this week ….Some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

Sunday – Scenes from Saturday + Sparkle Paint

Monday – Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

Wednesday – Wednesday Workout: Foam Rolling


All the weights I’m not lifting


Training notebook

A few less workouts than last week, but a couple of really intense efforts made the week feel productive and those extra rest days were perhaps needed. I crushed a brick workout, hit some hill repeats hard and managed to get in a decent long run with family in town.

Seven weeks to go until the race, just need to stay consistent, strong and injury-free.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday – 1:15 on the trainer (Phoenix+2 on TrainerRoad) then 30 minute outdoor run. First big brick workout of the year and maybe my best brick workout ever. Granted most of the my prior ones were done when I was sick and didn’t know it, but this was the type of workout that had my confidence soaring and just smiling ear to ear the rest of the day. My wife thought I was going loony. 

The bike was not super-intense. It was below FTP, but it was a solid effort. But the run….man, my legs just felt great. 30 minutes, about 4.5 miles at 6:50 pace and I could have gone farther. Even better this was coming off almost 12 miles the day before on my long run.

Monday – Rest. Didn’t rest because of fatigue. Had to travel for work. Happy with the way the legs felt after the brick workout. Foam rolled to keep everything loose.

Tuesday – 70 minutes. 9 miles total. Treadmill workout. 5 x 1 mile repeats using 10k pace as a guide. You start +20 seconds above your 10k pace and each interval mile reduces it by 10 seconds. You get 60-90 seconds recovery between miles. 

Wednesday – 60 minutes. Trainer fail. I was supposed to do an FTP test to start off the last training block. I was excited to see if the consistent saddle time was translating, but my trainer wasn’t giving me enough power even maxed out on the gears, so just settled for 60 minutes of high cadence spin. Will try re-calibrating and re-doing the test next week. Hoping for a least a 5% jump.

Thursday – 70 minutes. Hill repeats. 8.5 miles total. Used the same hill as last time, a near perfect quarter mile, steady, uphill grade. Added one more repeat from last time and averaged a faster split. So, all good!

Friday – Rest.

Saturday – Lots of family in town, but snuck out for an early run. 100 minutes. 12.3 miles. Tried to keep it mellow, but still went a little quicker than I wanted (8:09, was aiming for closer to 8:20). Going slower is going to be key to the marathon training as I up the miles. Too many hard, fast miles will wear me or my body out too quickly.

Totals: Swim 0 / Bike 2 hours 15 minutes, 50.5 miles / Run 4:30, 34 miles

Still need to work in a little swimming to stay somehow sharp. Did a decent job on the core strength routines this week.

You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

The benefits (and funny looks) of actually running your errands. I don’t go quite this far, but I regularly drop my car off at the mechanics and run home and back to pick it up. The upside is the service station definitely knows who I am.

Training Peaks asks coaches how they monitor their athlete’s recovery. This is probably the most challenging aspect of coaching, especially for those that seek out a coach.

13 ways to recover/overcome a bad’s night sleep.

Fun, inspiring read about the local club runner that crashed the podium places at last week’s London Marathon.


Other links of note

I really enjoy the process of making the dough and subsequent pizza, so this socca recipe is unlikely to supplant my favorite dough recipes, but it might make for a good, quick lunch alternative.
Dorrie Greenspan on the tactile pleasure of baking with your hands. I’ve definitely been making more of an effort to mix my bread doughs by hand to learn the proper feel.
Been randomly itching to make a key lime dessert recently. I think this key lime pie with chocolate almond crust might fit the bill.

Recipes that worked this week

With house guests and a party looming on the weekend, we wanted to keep things simple in the kitchen this week. This lemon oregano shrimp over pasta was a quick and tasty dinner that was a cinch to get on the table. Roasting the shrimp rather than pan frying helped boost the flavor.

Another night we did a stir-fry and I made my favorite quick flat breads to accompany the meal. In my quest for the perfect quick naan/flatbread, I’ve learned the most important part is the heat of the pan. You need a piping hot surface to quickly puff and cook the dough. My baking steel is perfect to do 2 quick groups of these breads and have them on the table with dinner.


Pop culture consumption

With the weather improving, I’m watching less TV as most of my workouts are back outside. The exception this week was Bosch. The first season was a big let down for me, but thankfully each season has really improved and this latest one is something that can stand equally, I think, with the great character that Connelly has created on the page.

Not much reading this week. Making my way through some crime short stories with The Highway Kind and reading about the mental aspects of endurance sports with How Bad Do You Want It

Down to the last couple of episodes of In the Dark episodes about the disappearance and investigation of Jacob Wetterling. It’s well done but mostly still feel like it’s not cutting the investigation much slack. 


Random Photo of the Week

A long run makes these Mike’s Pastry’s cookies taste even better.



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