Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

A great week of running and biking. Seven days straight. Some careful naps. Some rolling. No fatigue or Addison warning signs. Just some smart training that left me feeling good at the end of the week. Tired, but that good sort of tired.

The only negative was my shoulder reacting poorly to the short swim. At this point, with only one triathlon on the calendar before turning my attention to the marathon, I’m just going to gut through it. It doesn’t hurt when I swim. It’s more after. I’ll do some light swimming and the previous rehab exercises when this flared up last time.  

Eight weeks until the triathlon. Moving on to the last sharpening training block ….Some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

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Some run are just gray and feel uphill both ways.


Training notebook

After a few weeks of feeling off and a couple dutiful, but dull workout weeks, I was quite happy with the last week. Just felt strong and fast all around. Other than the creaky shoulder, I’m feeling healthy and injury-free. Eight weeks to go until the race, hoping to peak at the right time.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday (Easter) – Rest day

Monday – 60 minute run. Ended up going slightly long. 8.2 miles in 1:06 for 7:58 pace. No real agenda on this one other to get some base miles in before heading down to the marathon to cheer for the runners.

Tuesday – 60 minutes. TrainerRoad Owens. Short duration high intensity intervals above FTP. Two sets of 4×3-minute VO2max repeats ranging from 110-125% FTP. Short, 2-minute recoveries fall between intervals and a 6-minute recovery separates the sets.

Wednesday – Tempo run. 5.7 mies, 40 minutes, 7:02 pace overall. Just felt like I hadn’t gone hard and fast in awhile. Felt good. Negative splits on the two sections of tempo. 6:29 on the first 1.5 mile section, then 6:15 on the second 1.5 section, no recovery. Pretty happy with that.

Thursday – 60 minutes. TrainerRoad. Frissel+1. Focus here was on intervals still, but more endurance intervals, 5×9-minute intervals at 95% FTP but the recoveries shrink to 5 minutes at 50% FTP. 

Friday – Treadmill progression run. 9.5 miles in 1:11 for a 7:34 cumulative pace. I like workouts that finish fast to really test the fatigue in your legs. My pace the last mile and half before cool down was 6:40-6:50.

Saturday – Still gray and gross out, but didn’t want to treadmill again, so did a long run in the drizzle. 11.7 miles in 1:35 for an 8:05 pace, but did a fast finish mile in 7:07.


Totals: Swim 0 / Bike 2 hours, 40.5 miles / Run 4:30, 35 miles

Going into the final block, I want to manage my swim with my shoulder as best I can, then focus on building up core strength while maintaining the mileage and intensity of my current bike and runs.

You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

9 swimming issues for all levels and how to address them. I have a mild fear of open water when swimming alone. I also struggle with #3.

Mostly pretty logical, but here are 5 ways to increase bike power. For my Oly this spring, the bike focus has been on the bike, my traditional weak point. I’ve been relying more on just miles in the saddle and intervals to get some power gains.

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The scientific (and genetic) reason why a fast race start can wear you out more quickly.


Other links of note

Always like these collections/lists, but most of the time have trouble finding the bottles in my local liquor store. I can attest to the bonded Old Grand-Dad. I like that as my mixing or throwing a party whiskey.I am not a terrible cook, but something about cooking decent brown or wild rice continues to elude me. The most trustworthy way I’ve found is Alton Brown’s baked brown rice, but sometimes I don’t have an hour. BA’s Healthyish has a list of 3 other methods for brown rice that I might try.Why anchovies should be a topping on every pizza. I agree, though I tend to break up the fillets into pieces. Just don’t tell people they are hiding under the cheese (how I like to add them).

Recipes that worked this week

We are still doing a spring cleaning and eating our way through the cabinets and refrigerator. At this point, I think we are about done. It was a real stretch trying to find things to pack for Cecilia’s lunch today. We will need to soon hit the food store and re-stock.

In the meantime, last week had two simple recipes worth sharing. I’m not a huge fan of traditional cole slaw, but this pickleback slaw is light on the mayo (we sometimes sub greek yogurt) and heavier on the vinegar which makes it more palatable to me. We’ve been using it consistently to accompany our fish tacos. It gives a nice punch of flavor when combined with the more bland cod we typically use.

The second recipe is a chickpea “tuna” salad that is easy to put together with mostly pantry ingredients for a fast, nutritious lunch. I don’t follow the recipe too closely other than the first 4 ingredients, everything else after that is just tweaking to your personal taste.


Pop culture consumption

After feeling like I was in a bit of a TV wasteland (other than the recent return of The Americans) these past couple weeks have brought many new hours of good television back into my life. I’ve kept up with The Americans, plus there is now more Better Call Saul, Fargo and Bosch. I am not wanting for a show while running on the treadmill.

In a rare feat, I also managed to watch a movie this past week. On a week night no less. The plot made very little sense, but I enjoyed being back in the Harry Potter universe with Fantastic Beasts. The lead characters and the creatures were great, as was the view of magic in America. 

Spent the first part of the week finishing Say Nothing, which wasn’t quite as good as I hoped then moved onto this month’s book club pick, A Man Called Ove, which definitely did live up to the hype. What a fun, gentle, warm book. I thought it was well translated with a distinct voice that carried you along even when you knew where the plot was going most of the time.

Walks with Dash were a bit gloomy this week as I listened to In the Dark episodes about the disappearance and investigation of Jacob Wetterling. It’s well done and well reported though sometimes feels a bit too slanted against the police. I’m through episode 4, so we’ll see how it concludes. It would have been interesting to listen to how it played out and what conclusions it came to prior to the sudden confession and closure of the case as the podcast was about to launch.



Random Photo of the Week

Waiting on the marathon at mile 10