Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

A much welcomed return to normal in training this week. Lots of sun and randomly warm weather led to lots of runs outside. I couldn’t help myself. I also made it back in the pool, albeit briefly, but the shoulder feels good two days later, so I’ll call that a success. Nine weeks until the triathlon. One week left in the build block, then 8 weeks of final sharpenin ….Some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

Sunday – Scenes from Saturday + an 8th Birthday Party!

Monday – Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

Wednesday – Wednesday Workout: Simple Pre-Run Routine

Friday – Recent Reads: March ’17


Training notebook

The weather improved so drastically this week that is was almost impossible to not run outside, so this week was a bit heavy on runs. I only did one bike, but I did get back in the pool to test the shoulder. Overall, a much stronger week than the last couple.

Here’s exactly what it looked like:

Sunday – 6 miles / 7:55 pace. Life got in the way of my planned long run, but that happens. I was able to fit in 6 miles at the end of the day. Not the plan, but better than no miles. 

Monday –  10 miles / 7:31 pace. Was able to get out for a longer than typical Monday run to balance out the missed miles the previous day. Got the pace going pretty good, too.

Tuesday – 7 miles / 8:18 pace. Three runs in a row outside. It’s been months since that happened! Got on some trails today and took it easy on the pace.

Wednesday – Givens on TrainerRoad. Back on the bike. 60 minutes of intervals. 

Thursday – Recovery day.

Friday – On the treadmill for some speed work. 45 minutes total. After a 10 minute warm-up, 12 x 60 seconds @ RPE 8/9 with 60 seconds recover then 10 minutes cool down to finish. Then 20 minutes in the pool to test the shoulder and do some kick drills to shake out the legs.

Saturday – Long run. 12.6 miles / 7:59 pace. Working on pacing and trying to negative split the back half of the run

Totals: Swim – 20 minutes , Run – 4:45 / 41 miles , Biking – 60 / 20 miles, Rest- 1 days

Happy face! Broke the streak and got back in the pool!

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You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

Joel Friel’s blog on the equal importance of hard workouts and recovery time. “Connecting the dots for all of this leads to the conclusion that fatigue is good because it implies the potential for fitness, and that decreasing fatigue is an indicator of adaptation and therefore realized fitness.”

Simple running mistakes you are making every time. I’m guilty of #3. But knowing is half the battle, right? 

EspnW has a day in the life profile of Deena Kastor that’s worth a read.


Other links of note

Salty, cheesy flavors wrapped in warm, fresh bread. I’m sold. I’d likely swap the sausage for mixed olives or mushrooms, but this Italian appetizer bread is on my to-do list. 
Some simple tips and tricks to refry any bean, even canned. 
10 foods that nutritionists say to never eat. I’m pretty good about all of these, though occasionally fall into the veggie chip trap.

Recipes that worked this week

Still feel like we are in a bit of a dinner rut. We’ve had so many other things going on with the kids or personally that dinner has become mostly a spur of the moment thing where we dig around in the cupboards and throw something together. This isn’t totally a bad thing. I like using up all the pantry items, but it mostly feels like subsistence eating. Not a lot to write about.

One exception was my oldest daughter’s birthday cake. For her friend party last weekend, she opted for an ice cream cake, but for her family dinner she wanted something with chocolate. And chocolate frosting. She’s very particular about frosting. She finds most to be way too sweet or gross. 

Happily, this chocolate dump-it cake recipe from The New York Times topped with Ghiradelli’s chocolate frosting was a bit hit. I’m sure the pink sugar sprinkles didn’t hurt either.


Pop culture consumption

Listened to all seven episodes of S-Town in about 3 days. What a strange, odd, interesting, sad, weird, disturbing, uncomfortable work of art. 

Reading Brad Parks’s thriller Say Nothing.

Watching (catching up) on season two of Better Call Saul.


Random Photo of the Week

Actual signs of spring near Boston