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Other than one day, the cold, wet spring continued this week, so more time on the treadmill and trainer. I’ll be honest, I’m nearing my limit and I’m the type of person that usually doesn’t mind the indoor winter grind. Or maybe it’s just coinciding with a natural middle of a training block sag. The excitement and initial gains from starting have leveled off and the race is still far enough in the future to not totally feel real yet.

It’s not helping that I’m repeating a block to pad out the time resulting in a 20 week total block. So it’s literally the same workouts as the previous 8 weeks. I should have learned my lesson from my first marathon plan that that is just too long for me. I seem to thrive and peak on a 14-16 week cycle and 16 is probably the very outer edge.

Need to mentally tough it out. The good news is, other than my balky shoulder, the old 40 year old body is holding up well….Some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

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Training notebook

Two rest days within a week is a little unusual for me, but I’m learning it’s better with the Addisons to take an extra day of recovery when I need it than try to stay on a workout schedule just for the sake of it. Even if there’s no rhyme or reason to what I did to throw off my chemistry.

I just felt a little more fatigue than I expected on Thursday and then Friday definitely felt off. Could be the little cold we are passing around the house or it could be I let my hydration and recovery slip a bit. My electrolytes are always on the low end, so even recovering 80-90% is enough to throw off the balance over time and leave my depleted. I’m hoping managing it now and taking that extra day helps me get back on track rather than needing 2-3 more days in the future to feel right.

Here’s what the rest of the training week looked like:

Sunday – Rest. Used my workout time to head into the city for Race-Mania. I wrote up a recap over here.

Monday – Shortoff+1 via TrainerRoad. 60 minutes on the trainer with 2 sets of 3×3-minute VO2 Max intervals at 120% FTP. Recovery between intervals is 3 minutes long and recovery between sets of intervals is 6 minutes long. 

Tuesday – 8 easy miles with 6x short hills at the end. I wrote this up and some thoughts on overdoing intervals for the Workout Wednesday post. An easy 60-75 minute run with hill repeats at the end when fatigued.

Wednesday – Gendarme on TrainerRoad. 45 minutes of 2 x 15-minute sets of 30-second VO2max repeats at 120% FTP with equal recovery. Short, 30-second recoveries within the sets keep aerobic uptake high to improve power

Thursday – 45 minute trail run. Used this as a bit of a recovery run and to get on some softer surfaces while focusing on picking up my cadence a bit.

Friday – Rest. Not sure where I went wrong,  but definitely felt off, so just called it a recovery day.

Saturday – Felt good enough to get back on the trainer for a full 90 minutes with Phoenix+2 on TrainerRoad. This is 90 minutes of continuous riding, with, after a warm-up, 75 minutes straight between 90-95% FTP. Pretty close to the effort that will be required on my race day.

Totals: Swim – 0 , Run – 2:00 / 15 miles , Biking – 3:15 / 59.5 miles, Rest- 2 days

Just another week, building the foundation. Happy with my bike training this block. Hope all this saddle time pays off in my what is traditionally my weakest leg of a triathlon. I know my run will be there. Need to try to get back to the pool next week.

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You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

A good article from Training Peaks on how to integrate strength training during the season. I’ve gotten pretty good at strength work consistently in the off-season, but still struggle once it’s warm out and easier to just go out and ride or run. 

Now that optical heart rate sensors are more common and in just about every fitness wearable, what do you do with that data? I’ve found with my Addisons that the HR data is very useful in tracking my recovery effectiveness (and sometimes oncoming sickness) and scheduling additional rest.
If you are new to triathlon or are planning a long charity bike ride this summer, this article on hand and pinkie numbness while riding is worth a read.  

Other links of note

I was among the the likely few that didn’t outright dislike or give up on Serial season 2, but I definitely did not find it as compelling or addicting as the first season. Happy to hear that the Serial spin-off S-Town seems like it might be closer to season 1’s DNA than season 2. Lots of positive buzz. 
Ally is quite happy to watch The Great British Baking Show with me. I’m sure she would enjoy these 1970’s BBC segments of Mary Berry cooking demos as much as I did.
Quick breads and muffins are maybe the two baking areas where my mind (and taste buds) doesn’t automatically want to do something with chocolate. Lemon poppy seed might be my favorite muffin flavor so adding this lemon poppy quick bread to to-be-cooked recipe pile
One base hummus recipe, four ways to enhance it. You officially have my attention.

Recipes that worked this week

A mid-week business trip for Michelle and a school event on another night had us going for quick and easy dinners this week. That meant chicken nuggets, pasta and burritos for the kids.

More big salads, stir fries and a few back pocket recipes for me. One night was the onomaniyaki I wrote up this week and another night was a new, future back pocket recipe contender, pasta with chickpeas. I’ll write this one up, but it was super easy to make and had me thinking of the food we had on our trip to Sicily. 


Pop culture consumption

Really enjoying going back through past episodes of the Smart Passive Income podcast this week while walking Dash. Not sure I listened to anything else.

With Michelle away, opportunities to veg on the couch at night were few and far between. I did manage to watch some of The Americans while on the trainer. I think I’m one week behind at this point. Also watched a few more FloTrack documentaries while on the treadmill. One 3-part on Meb and another 2-parter on the Michigan cross country team. If you have any interest in track or running, it’s worth the cost of a few months membership to check out the films.

Still reading The Lean Startup still for my non-fiction. On fiction, finished Perry’s 40 Thieves and started reading the last in VE Scwhab’s fantasy trilogy A Conjuring of Light.


Random Photo of the Week


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