Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

As usual, I sometimes think I’m bulletproof and overdue it a bit. Not the best strategy if I was fully healthy, but doubly damning with the Addison’s, where not adequately recovering can screw me up for days. Which pretty much happened this week. I’m getting better at recognizing and pulling myself out of the fatigue spirals, but it’s still frustrating, annoying, and not ideal for training. I have no one to blame but myself.

I dropped my bike off for a tune-up late last week and after a great race and new 5k PR on Sunday, I was left to my own devices to fill the training time usually reserved for the bike. The bike shop was backed up and ended up keeping the bike for almost a week. I chose to fill that time with a HIIT workout on Tuesday. Besides giving me wicked DOMS for the rest of the week (I need to be more regular with strength training), it was very hot in the gym and I think I ended up more dehydrated than I realized. I was still able to get some runs in the rest of the week, but it was a struggle. I probably should have just rested. Need to remember it’s always better to go into a race a little undertrained than overtrained. Lesson learned. Maybe.

Less than two weeks now until the Ashland Olympic triathlon….some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

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Stalker photo taken by Michelle while running on the Cape.


Training notebook

I didn’t get two pool sessions in, but I did get one, so I’m not going to beat myself up. Something is better than nothing. Without the bike, I also did some cross-training, but mostly running.

Two weeks to go until the triathlon, just need to stay smart, rested, and injury-free.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday – Race. First race since the Bad Ass Half in February. Felt good, even for just a 5k.  I love racing. I also like PRs.

Monday – 60 minutes. Recovery run. 7 miles. 7:51/mile. A little quicker than I intended, but let the legs dictate the pace.

Tuesday – As is typical, this ended up being my toughest workout day of the week. 45 minutes cross-training with a HIIT/tabata workout then 1000 yards in the pool to cool down. The HIIT was too much. It was hot in the weight area and actually had to stop at one point. That should have been a clue.

Wednesday – 60 minutes. 7 miles. 8:13/mile. Mixed in some roads and trails with hills.

Thursday – Rest. Finally got the message and took a day off.

Friday – Run. 10 x 60 second pick ups and 60 second recoveries. 6 miles total. 45 minutes. 7:23 pace overall.

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Saturday – Run. 65 minutes. 8 miles. 8:13/mile. Down on the Cape for the weekend, just a little runaround. Legs were feeling pretty heavy.

Totals: Swim 22 mins / Bike 0 hours (bike in the shop) / Run 5:30, 41 miles / Strength 45 mins

You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

Ever wanted to run a marathon inside Fenway Park? Now you can. If you are one of the 50 selected participants, you can run 112 laps for a unique marathon.

3 Olympic distance race ready workouts. I might try the swim one this week.

Already thinking next year of going after my long held goal of a sub 1:30 half. Will bookmark this: 3 essential ingredients for a half marathon PR.


Other links of note

 These recipes always sucker me in. I’ve never had success making my own gummies, but this probably won’t stop me from trying again.

How to eat healthyish at the movie theater. Other than popcorn, my go-to is the cranberry, nut, chocolate mix from Trader Joes. But I can’t bring the entire bag or I will eat the entire bag.

Uh, never would have thought to grill eggs. Not sure I’m going to try. But good to know that I could. 


Recipes that worked this week

Our first weekend on the Cape this year for the holiday weekend means a return to some fresh seafood cooking. We had the standard cookout on Sunday, but on Saturday we tried a recipe from this month’s Bon Appetit for grilled clams. I brought my 4 quart Lodge dutch oven down and cooked it right on the grill grates.

The broth, made up mostly of beer, garlic and tomatoes, was very, very good. The clams took a bit longer to open than I thought (I think I was trying to cook too many at once) and the addition of the chickpeas gave the broth a real heartiness. We added some chopped clams and more tomato paste a few nights later to have over pasta.


Pop culture consumption

Finishing up The Americans (season finale this week) and working my way through the new season of Kimmie Schmidt. Otherwise, just half watching baseball or basketball.

Finished reading Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole. As dark as always, but still so good. I hope there are a few more. Also read Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay. It was alright. A bit of a shaggy dog plot. I should have heeded my rule about books with a long character list at the front, especially for a mystery or thriller.

Also, still reading about the mental aspects of endurance sports with How Bad Do You Want It


Random Photo of the Week


Not exactly penny candy, but not too bad either. Would any of these make good race fuel?