Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

Back to full strength this week. No vestiges of the cold remain. So no more excuses. Weather is getting warmer and time is getting short. This was a very solid week of training and if I’d managed to get in the pool one more time, I might have called it an ideal mix. Almost 4 hours on the bike, 2.5 on my own two feet and 30 minutes in the pool. 

I did take the bike into the local shop for a tune-up. Really tried to fix it up myself, but something was off with the front derailleur and it felt like I was making it worse. The poor thing hadn’t had a proper tune up in a couple years, so I brought her in. Better now than the week of the race. Hoping to get out and ride the course soon. 

Only three weeks until the Ashland Olympic triathlon….some notes on the rest of the week.


Things I posted this week

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After 1000+ miles with my old Launch 3s, it was time to get a new pair. If it’s not broke….


Training notebook

Back in the pool! And the shoulder felt mostly OK afterward. Going to try for 2 sessions a week to sharpen up before the race.

Three weeks to go until the race, just need to stay smart, stay consistent, and stay injury-free.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday – Rest. After two big days to end the previous week, a brick and a long run, even I recognized that I needed rest.

Monday – 60 minutes. TrainerRoad. Raymond. Raymond is 4×5-minute repeats at 108% FTP separated by 5-minute recovery valleys.

Tuesday – 68 minutes. 5 x 1 mile intervals at near V02max. 9 miles total with WU/CD. This was the hardest workout of the week. Really pushed me and not just because the air quality was lousy (pollen). It’s also the type of workout that I know will pay dividends in fitness gains, but man those last 2 hurt.

Wednesday – 32 minutes. Swimming. Back in the pool and just put my head down and swam for a mile. On the slow side, but didn’t want to push it too hard. Was happy with how the shoulder responded in the following days.

75 minutes. Running. After swimming, headed out and tried a new route near the gym. Promptly got lost and ran 30 minutes longer than I intended. But I did learn the new route and some new trails.

Thursday – 55 minutes. TrainerRoad. Gibraltar. Had to cut this a bit short due to general life stuff, but basically a continuous ride at 80% FTP. 

Friday – 90 minutes. TrainerRoad. Phoenix. Knew I was taking the bike into the shop and would be without it for a bit, so wanted at least one last long ride. This was a good tempo ride of continuous riding where you’ll spend 75 minutes between 80-85% FTP.

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Saturday – Rest. Sort of. I had a 5k (speed work) on Sunday, so planned to just swim, but missed the pool. We were active most of the day moving and spreading mulch. Not sure how to classify that in Strava!

Totals: Swim 32 mins / Bike 3:25 hours, 62 miles / Run 2:20, 18 miles

You can find me on Strava and follow along.


Running/Fitness links

Tips for getting in your speed work if you hate the track. Not me, but maybe you? I like the track, the treadmill or the trails. They all work for me.

Taste testing the new Clif Blocks. I love the new salted watermelon.

Some fuel and recovery sample recipes from the new No Meat Athlete cookbook. Adding the cookies to my to-do list.


Other links of note

Sort of wish I had read this review of backyard pizza ovens prior to buying my Uuni. It’s been a little frustrating to get consistent pies from the Uuni, but only owned it a few months. 

Cookies and ice cream are definitely my cheat treats, so this skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe is high on my to-do list.

Hmmm, would not have thought this would work, but maybe worth a try. Using instant potato flakes to make gnocchi.


Recipes that worked this week

After spending some of the winter months eating down the pantry of random boxes of grains, rice and falafel mix, this past week, we dove into the freezer for half-empty boxes of spring rolls, veggie  burgers and long lost leftovers. It was a success, especially staying away from the stove during the brutally hot early part of the week, but not a lot of original recipes.

Reheating some mini lentil pies for dinner one night, we knew we’d need something on top. Since going vegetarian, one of the few things (along with a “meat” ball to accompany spaghetti) I struggled to find a replacement for is a good gravy.  I’ve tried many recipes over the holidays in the past and never found one worth saving. However, this one from Whole Foods hits most of the marks: it’s easy, it’s quick, it’s tasty and it’s not gray. It actually looks like gravy.


Pop culture consumption

Not much pop culture this week. We did start watching the second season of Master of None and really enjoyed the first 3 episodes. First two really made us want to go back to Italy.

Still reading Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole last night. Glad to have a new Harry book, but forgot just how dense and dark Nesbo can get. He is a master at intricate plotting.

Also, still reading about the mental aspects of endurance sports with How Bad Do You Want It


Random Photo of the Week

Dash trying to play ball while I try to read and get Ally to sleep.