Training for Rock N Roll Brooklyn 13.1 – Update

It’s been three weeks since the addition of the new meds and I still sometimes catch myself smiling for no reason during my runs. The difference is just so drastic that I’m almost giddy. I’ve gone from cautiously pessimistic of even finishing without walking to cautiously optimistic of having a really good run. 

Not PR optimistic, but now rather than silently dreading the race as another reminder of how this disease has affected my performance, I am excited for the race, the weekend away and to see what time I can put up.

Since the one year check-up, my long runs have stretched out into double digits with relative ease (I wouldn’t ever say running 10+ miles is easy). Compared to pre-med switch, it’s night and day, like I’m running mostly downhill. The relative effort is just so much lower for the same mileage.

One benchmark I use to judge both my fitness and pacing is the hill to get back to my house. No matter which way I run, I always end up having to climb back up a mile long hill to finish. I rarely made it earlier in the summer. I had started to plan out runs to hit the mileage at the bottom of the hill so I could walk up. Trying to run up had just become too disheartening. The last four weeks I have turned that climb into a victory march. What once loomed at the end of each run like Sauron’s fortress (nerd alert!) is now nothing but a minor inconvenience. An ant hill! Something that will hopefully pay off at the end of races.

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I guess we will find out in a few weeks! I can’t wait.