The Best No Recipe Pizza Sauce

For the love of god stop buying overpriced pizza sauce at the grocery store. Especially this time of year where local tomatoes are abundant. There’s no need to over complicate your pizza.

Pizza should cook quickly, whether it’s on a pan, stone or grill. There’s no time or reason to let a complicate sauce cook and simmer on your dough. Trust me, your local pizza shop isn’t doing this. There is an easier way!

The big secret the pros know is that quality canned tomatoes are all you really need to make a killer pizza sauce. A few additional ingredients like salt and garlic can kick it up another notch but nothing else is required. No store bought sauces. No added sugar. No time. No recipe.

Buy a can of high-quality tomatoes and you’re all set. What are high quality? I like whole San Marzanos from Italy, but you can find a brand and type you like best. They can be whole, crushed or pureed.

I like the whole tomatoes because it gives me more flexibility. Depending on the type of pie I’m making, I might just crush them by hand or I might puree them in the blender.

You can also add a few tablespoons of olive oil, mince or grate a couple cloves of garlic, add some salt, and then stir to combine. You’re done.

If you likes recipes, I did write a couple simple sauce variations out.

In short, the best pizza sauce is the simplest, quickest, and maybe the cheapest. Let the cheese and toppings be the star.