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Scenes from Saturday + Bubbles & Burn

While I see some of me in my kids (Ce’s shyness, Ally’s love of tofu), they definitely did not inherit my love of sports and competition. This is probably a good thing. Never ask about the infamous darts game of 2000. They enjoy dance, and Broadway, and glitter.

This week, Ce and I butted heads a few times over homework. Cecilia is so similar in temperament in many ways to me but so different in the way she learns.

It reminded me of one of my very favorite lines about being a parent: “Perhaps the immutable error of parenthood is that we give our children what we wanted, whether they want it or not.”

If Ce read the blog she’d likely use this as a perfect counterpoint for why she shouldn’t be forced to use flash cards to learn. We eventually came to a peaceful resolution and homework was finished.

It’s all a dance. Help give your kids what they need now. You don’t need to forsake yourself. Give yourself what you needed then now, too, just make sure there’s room on that stage for what they want, too. Glitter and all.

But maybe not flash cards… Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + High Heels & Halloween Smoothies

I like routine. I find comfort in a to-do list. I drive Michelle crazy by asking about dinner plans over breakfast.

This parenting gig isn’t easy. If fact, it’s pretty terrifying most of the time, so if I can get an edge through routine, I’m going to take it. There’s a reason so many Saturdays revolve around the sofa, vacuuming, the transfer station, costume changes, and show tunes.

It’s mildly deranged, sure, but it works, and the repetition actually brings some stability. Anything to get through 2020.

Routines are a parents friend and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Now, on to the couch… Continue Reading