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Scenes from Saturday + Pancakes & Pizza

I was a volunteer at Ally’s school this week, helping harvest their class garden for an upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Trying to corral the bouncing kids, get them to pay attention to the master gardener, and not impale themselves on the pitchforks reminded me of my few seasons trying to teach many of the same kids soccer or basketball. Without the pitchforks.

The hardest part about being a coach for me was not being able to forget being a player. You know what it’s like to be the person you’re now trying to coach. You know how to do these things. Or you think you do.

Similar thoughts occurred to me again later in the week when I (gently and cautiously) asked Cecilia about an upcoming assessment. I’ve learned, like new math, that one should never call something a test anymore. I offered my help and some suggestions (yes, flash cards might have been mentioned). Why not? I was a kid. I remember being a middle schooler. Or I thought I did.

And that assumption might be part of the problem. Coach, player, or parent, the game has changed. Yes, certain truths and experiences about childhood will forever remain the same, but every generation also grows up in its own context, with its own unique problems and opportunities.

Old methods might still get you there in the end but it might also make everyone miserable in the process.

The girls are not me. They are growing up in a different world and my job is to figure out how to fit my experiences into a structure that they’ll understand. Not the other way around.

The game has changed and I have to change with it…or it will pass me by.

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5 More Uuni Pizza Tips for the Best Pies

This weekend I put the cover on the Uuni and packed it away carefully until spring, but before I do I wanted to write up a few more Uuni pizza making tips that I learned while cooking more pies for friends and family this fall. You can also check out my first batch of Uuni pizza tips from when it was fresh out of the box.

I’m sure you could still use the Uuni on the deck in the snow and cold, but I have enough trouble balancing and maintaining the oven’s heat when nature isn’t working against me, so I’ll be moving all the pie making indoors until it thaws out in the spring.

Here are more tips that I’ve learned in cooking over 50 pies in the Uuni2s this year.

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Uuni for a Crowd: Parchment or Parbaking? 

parchment or parbake for prepping uuni dough

I’m coming up on a year of owning my Uuni2 and I continue to like it and cook with it on a regular basis. It does, however, come with some challenges

Michelle is already on edge with all the bread making that has filled up the freezer. Imagine if she came home to 8 personal pizzas for dinner. It could go either way. I’m not sure I want to risk it.

The girls are still not (yet) fans of the wood char, so if I’m going through the effort of firing up the Uuni, it’s likely to make pizza for guests that are coming over. 

Now, typically I would go for a big Sicilian pan pizza to feed a crowd and that remains my go-to in the fall and winter, but who wants to kick up the oven to 550 for a couple hours during the summer?

That brings up the biggest issue I’ve found with the Uuni. Yes, it cooks pizzas very fast. Yes, it gives it that distinct wood flavor. Yes, it can be temperamental with maintaining temperature. But, my biggest issue by far, is how you prep and prepare all the pizzas and still have time to mingle and talk with your guests?  Continue Reading

8 Tips for Better Ooni Pizza

 Old post and older version of the Ooni / Uuni but if you are using the wood-fired aspect of the oven, I think the tips are all still effective. 

This Christmas I added a new tool to my pizza arsenal: the Uuni 2s. The Uuni is a portable, wood-fired pizza oven. I’ve been eyeing an Uuni since the original launched on Kickstarter five years ago and Santa finally came through this year. With the weather finally warming, I’ve been able to give the oven a good test drive the last few weeks.

Ideally, I’d have the time, skill or money to put an outdoor oven in our backyard for bread and pizzas. We have a great spot for it, but let’s be realistic, saving for college is going to trump a pizza oven. Never say, never, though! In the meantime, the Uuni is a nice consolation and takes up way less space.

It also happens to make some great pizza, but it definitely takes a little time and practice. Continue Reading