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Scenes from Saturday + Costco & Cookbooks

How to deal with the conundrum of the closed door? Cecilia is in sixth grade and likes to remind us she is not a kindergartner anymore. She’s right, of course. This is only the beginning of learning to let go. For both of us. Letting her shut the door and deal with her responsibilities and their repercussions is part of growing up.

Just letting her be isn’t always easy. For both of us. Will she embrace flash cards and to-do lists and bullet journaling by the third term? Of course not. She’s not perfect. Neither was I. It took me until ninth grade to figure out I could type of the English vocab lists early and sell them to classmates.

She’ll screw up. I’ll screw up. I do remember the disapproval or judgement of parents did little to effect my teenage habits, good or bad. I’ll do my best to wait and be available and let her ask for help if she needs it. But if she doesn’t, she’ll probably be okay, too. Kids are good at figuring things out.

(Except how to vacuum and clean up those sparkly hell flakes called glitter.) Continue Reading