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Gear Review: TrainerRoad Training Plans

TrainerRoad is a cycling app that provides interval training and guided workouts for your indoor trainer. I’ve been using it mostly in the winter months for the past two years. This spring, I kept the subscription going (you can go month to month) and took advantage of their triathlon training plans to prepare for my Olympic distance event in June

The plans provide a detailed cycling workouts along with suggested workouts for running and swimming. The app also includes plans beyond triathlon to road racing, off-road and just get-in-shape hobbyist plans.

Cycling has always been the weakest area for me in triathlon. Given a choice, I’d almost always rather run in training, even hill intervals. This year, I hoped that by committing some money to it, I would get my butt my in the saddle more often. Given where I was starting (a rather embarrassing FTP below 200), I believed plain old saddle time was going to bring the most improvement. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday: Free Ride

Woke up to this email sitting on top of the stack: “Participant update: 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.” Whoa. That will make it all feel real. Not that I’d forgotten, but it’s been a couple months now since I signed up and I’m hip deep in spring triathlon training, so it had drifted to the back of my mind. Now, with a little flutter in my stomach, it’s jumped back to the front.

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