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Scenes from Saturday + Vinyl & Vamping

This past Thursday, February first was the midpoint between the winter solstice and and the spring equinox. We are on the back half, people. Spring is coming, early or late, it won’t be canceled.

If you’re struggling with a creative project or a resolution, remember, most days are Groundhog Days. Social media might amplify the 2%, but 98% of success is just consistency, consistently doing the boring things that no one sees.

Believe in the possibility of February, you even get an extra day this year.

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Scenes from Saturday + No Retreat, No Surrender

My favorite month is going by too quickly. It’s half over. The only thing I really don’t like about October is dressing up for Halloween and PSL flavors. Everything else, I’m all in.

A haphazard list of the good things I’ve enjoyed so far: waking up earlier than the sun, audiobooks and walks in the woods, Stephen King’s Holly, a new Thursday Murder Club to make me smile, baking bread, homemade soup, hot pizza from the Ooni, fire pits and a properly-toasted marshmallow, pulling weeds and cleaning out the garden pots, a 24-hour stream celebrating Thelonious Monk’s birthday, Oktoberfest beer, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, caramel apples, pulling out favorite sweaters, spooky movies, and waking up from a nap with your dog. Is there anything better than an afternoon fall nap?

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Scenes from Saturday + Swiftie Prep

One of my favorite metaphors for both parenting and writing is gardening and I bumped into another one this week: the rule of thumb for perennial plants, “Sleep, Leap, Creep.”

In the first year, a perennial will focus on its foundation, anchoring its roots. The next year, the plant comes out of a dormant winter and starts to grow. Then in the third year, it takes off and comes into its full form.

That might be the best (generous) description of both a teenager and trying to do creative work that I’ve seen. That or Patchett’s I am a compost heap. Or Eno’s beautiful things grow out of sh*t. Good reminders that any of it takes time and it is always messy.

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