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Scenes from Saturday + Dancing Taxes

Stumbled on this unusual description of happiness this week and it’s stuck with me. It almost feels like a riddle. So simple as to be almost contradictory.

There are a lot of ideas about cultivating happiness through appreciation of the present and what you have but the the idea of gratitude for things we don’t have and don’t want sort of knocked me sideways.

Maybe I’m happier than I realized. Maybe we all are. Or could be.

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Scenes from Saturday + Carnival!

I get my 10 year parenting chip next month. Being a parent is not simple. Ok, the core of it might be. Show up. Love your kid no matter what. It’s in the margins where things can often go sideways. 

I think the biggest thing that has changed since Ce was a baby is that I can’t plan it all anymore. And I love to plan. I think about what to make for dinner while drinking my morning coffee. I love making to-do lists. I never met a calendar app I didn’t like. I also tend to invest a lot of energy in hoping all those plans go smoothly. If they don’t, I tend to get a little cranky and stressed out. Stressed out parents make terrible decisions. It’s a vicious circle.  

Ten years in and I’m now trying to learn from my kids and be better at reacting to life as it happens. Sound too simple? Maybe it is. But it does works. With a little practice. Continue Reading

4 Unexpected Pitfalls to Setting Up an Online Store

4 Unexpected Pitfalls to Setting Up an Online Store

One of my goals the last two years was to explore possible side hustles ideas to generate some (relatively) passive income. This was not to replace my existing job (which I enjoy), but rather because I like learning and exploring new things.

Last year (2017) turned out to be focused on researching, brainstorming and figuring out how best to use my existing skills and where I would need to learn new things for a successful side hustle. In the end, I decided on three initial areas of focus (turns out ideas weren’t the hard part really).  Continue Reading