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Scenes from Saturday + Soles & Soles

We are rounding the bend toward the end of the year, a time for gratitude, reflection, family, parties, small talk, and… stress. The happy holidays can quickly be derailed by trying to do too much, or spend too much, or see too many people.

The silver lining? If you fall into this trap, it’s a very predictable tradition. It happens every year.

In a world where there is a constant battle for our time and attention, we need proper (digital and interpersonal) boundaries to support our health.

Like a lot of parenting, the solution can often be misconstrued. Especially by teenagers. Setting boundaries is not about being overly strict or mean, it’s about knowing yourself, and knowing your kids, and being aware enough to know what is good for your family and what ultimately might be self-destructive.

TL;DR: To control your life, control what you pay attention to. Your attention determines the experiences you have, and the experiences you have determine the life you live.

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Scenes from Saturday + Soles & Holes

The world is crazy and appears to be getting crazier. My only antidote is to just keep doing what I know how to do. I raise my kids, I run, I write, I talk to my friends, and I try to keep shining on in my little corner.

There are always lots of people thrashing around and despairing, “Oh God, what do we do?!?”

There are also always people adamantly shouting, “I know exactly what we should do!”

And then there are people busy at work, whispering, “This is what I know how to do.”

I try to be that person.

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