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Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

Other than one day, the cold, wet spring continued this week, so more time on the treadmill and trainer. I’ll be honest, I’m nearing my limit and I’m the type of person that usually doesn’t mind the indoor winter grind. Or maybe it’s just coinciding with a natural middle of a training block sag. The excitement and initial gains from starting have leveled off and the race is still far enough in the future to not totally feel real yet.

It’s not helping that I’m repeating a block to pad out the time resulting in a 20 week total block. So it’s literally the same workouts as the previous 8 weeks. I should have learned my lesson from my first marathon plan that that is just too long for me. I seem to thrive and peak on a 14-16 week cycle and 16 is probably the very outer edge.

Need to mentally tough it out. The good news is, other than my balky shoulder, the old 40 year old body is holding up well….Some notes on the rest of the week. Continue Reading