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Scenes from Saturday + Ramen & Onions

When I look back at 2023, I’ll likely remember it as the year I finally gave in, and then went all in, on pickleball. I am officially one of those people ruining tennis across the country. Sorry. But not really. It’s kept me active, got me out of just constantly running, and helped me meet a whole bunch of new people.

With the calendar flipping, we are firmly in resolution season and if you are contemplating making changes next year, you have likely come across the advice to follow your passion. Don’t do it! I think that’s backwards, or at least a little sideways.

Trying following your commitment first and let the passion develop naturally.

Or maybe just try pickleball. It’s a panacea.

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Scenes from Saturday + Root Beer & Ramen

Cecilia has a district trombone audition at the end of the month and its been interesting to watch her approach it. Initially, we did try to give her more feedback and try to get her to understand the gravity and level of preparation required. Of course, this was coming from two middle aged people with years of experience.

Kids have comparatively little experience, wisdom, so confidence. It’s nuts. And of course hearing about our own expectations (and maybe projections) doesn’t help. We finally came to our senses and stepped back. We would still be there if she needed us, but we weren’t going to lean into it. It was her thing. She would take what she would from it. She would gain some experience.

In this way, parents are very much like producers–we provide the funding. We connect them with the right talent. We help them solve problems. We are there to comfort through disappointments. We help the artist realize their vision…and we gladly let them take all the credit when they succeed.

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