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Our Year in Photos 2018

According to my best Insta block, my life in 2018 consisted mostly of pizza, baked goods, Dash, trombones and musicals. Throw in running and I think that about covers it. Damn you algorithms!

Given all the chaos going on in the wider world, life was remarkably placid for us in 2018. For the first in three years there were no unexpected ER trips or hospital stays. No staying up late deep Googling obscure diseases or symptoms. Gotta admit it was a nice change of pace.

There was a lot of baking. And musicals. And breakfast buffets. And kitchen dance parties.  Continue Reading

Our 2017 in Photos

One reason I write this blog is to time travel. Each Saturday that passes will never be repeated. The girls get a little older and a little farther away from me. One day they won’t want me to take their picture, never mind post it on the Internet. How embarrassing.

So I write it all down. To make myself pay attention. I’m not always great about being present. I’m trying, but some days are hard. 

The old saw is the days are long, but the years are short. It’s true, of course. But here’s the thing: grandparents and friends with older kids, they forget. Continue Reading

An Epic Potluck Friendsgiving

We did not travel this year for Thanksgiving. Well, we did, but it was just one town over. The end result of sharing food and time with family is always worth it, but for us, the drive down that harrowing Northeast corridor is never easy, even with the kids older now and not constantly on edge about blowing out diapers. It was nice to have a year off from road construction and turnpike rest stops.

It also left me plenty of time to bake and make dishes to bring over to our friends’s house on Thursday.

It ended up being an epic amount of food. There are probably still dishes I haven’t tried that were at the opposite end of the table. It was actually so much food, we re-gathered on Friday afternoon to do it again and try to make a dent in the leftovers.

But perhaps the best part of staying close was the lack of tolls on the short commute home and being in my elastic waisted pajamas pants by 8.

Never Look Back

They are gone. The house is quiet. Only the sound of the wind shaking the last drops of rain off the trees to keep me company. I can’t tell you it doesn’t sound like bliss nice right now.

We survived the first morning. It ran the roller coaster of emotions, from sleepy breakfast eaters to hair brushing banshees, but in the end everyone (mostly) remembered their parts and we were able to get out the door and down to the bus stop without strangling each other.

Ally was happy to show off her shiny new backpack and head off to one last year at pre-school.

Cecilia was her usual mix of bristling nerves and confidence, but when the time came she shed our hugs quickly and charged onto the bus with her friends. The door closed and the bus was off to the next stop.

Third graders don’t look back. She was ready to go.



Mile 10

2017 Boston elite men at mile 10

If you live near Boston you have a spot for Patriot’s Day. Our spot for the past ten years has been just past mile 10 outside Natick town center.

The girls and I spent 3 hours there today cheering the wheelchair athletes, the professional athletes, the disabled athletes and all the other types of athletes out there today running their dream.

Maybe some day I’ll be at mile 10 cheering one of my girls. You never know.

Here are some photos that capture the day and the mood at the greatest race in the world. Continue reading