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Scenes from Saturday + Taxes & Trips

Cecilia aced a social studies te-, er, check-in this week. Just asked. She confirmed this was a test. I’m allowed to call it that. In any event, she did well. Were flash cards and eye rolling involved in the study lead up? You bet. I’ve noticed that many of the girl’s stories or anecdotes about school or the weekend often revolve around what I won’t let them do or what I made them do against their will (see, flash cards). I know they are hearing me say those things.

But are they hearing the other things? I worry that maybe I’m not saying it enough.

Cecilia will sort of shrug it off or mumble into her phone. It can feel awkward if someone else is around. It’s a cliche. They already know. Don’t they?

I love you.
I’m proud of you.
You are enough.

Cecilia is not a hugger. That’s fine. Emotionally, most people assume I’m half robot, so I get it. But it would kill me if they ever doubted how proud I am and always will be.

A lot of parenting is hard. This isn’t. I’ll just program myself to say it. And keep saying it.

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Scenes from Saturday + Tinsel & Time

When you become a parent, your relationship with time changes.

We can’t wait for them to start walking, to start school, to make their first flash card, eat their first slice of pizza, to jump into life with both feet. But this also means that they’ll never again be what they are right now. Blink, get distracted, pick up your phone, take it for granted? It’s gone. You’ve missed it.

I did my best to remember that at 5 a.m. yesterday when the wrapping paper was flying, the tinsel was underfoot, and the caffeine hadn’t kicked in.

Tempus fugit. Time flies.

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Scenes from Saturday + Peaches & Pretzels

Sometimes people will ask if the blog is staged. The answer is no. I try not to, at least. I certainly sometimes makes the girls pose or stand (for, according to them, an embarrassingly long time) for multiple photos but they are not props. We haven’t done anything just of the sake of the blog.

The blog is a time machine full of memories and the memories that matter are not staged. There is no need The photos that will remind me of the great times do not require elaborate staging. They just happen.

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Scenes from Saturday + Jersey Fresh

Cecilia is taking trombone lessons this summer and, unlike piano lessons, she’s mostly learning riffs and scales, not full songs. Like most kids, Cecilia likes to go fast. She likes piano pieces with speed and panache. Who can blame her? It’s easy to rush in. It feels good to start. But if you’re going quickly for the sake of speed (or to get that practice session done), you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to miss opportunities.

And listening to their lesson is a good reminder to myself. There is no prize for doing things first, the only thing that matters is doing them well. With the current state of society, there is no rush. One of my favorite things about the pandemic (can you have a favorite thing? is that strange?) is just seeing neighbors hanging out in their yards talking. Slowing down today can pay huge dividends. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. You actually go faster and better whether it’s learning the trombone, surviving the pandemic, or vacuuming glitter. Continue Reading