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Scenes from Saturday + Brass & Burritos

Sometimes I wonder why I still write these posts each Sunday. I’ve certainly been doing it long enough that it is an ingrained habit. I’m not trying to establish anything.

But is it giving me energy or deadening my spirit?

Repeating something can often mean looking backward. That doesn’t always feel productive. That would be soul killing. The constant second-guessing and what-if’s.

I realized being consistent and making slow, steady progress isn’t all about streaks or optimizing my time it’s about coming back.

The key part of a habit for me is to help you return but also find something new. A practice is built on the movement of return. Even if it’s a just a new way to joke about glitter or Michelle repairing the house.

There’s energy for me in that.

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Scenes from Saturday + Turkeys & Nachos

We are coming up on performance season. For someone that loves to be on stage, Cecilia doesn’t actually like to be in the spotlight. The winter jazz concert is next month and the anxiety over a potential solo is ramping up with each passing day.

My advice? Welcome to the club! Everyone is winging it. Pretty much all the time. The sooner you recognize this, the sooner you can relax. Feeling ready is a fantasy, based entirely on what you imagine is going on inside other people’s heads. Just get on with it and do whatever it is you’ve been holding back on until you’re ready.

Did she nod and accept my sage advice? My hard-earned life lesson? No, she retorted, “What about my teachers? Or my doctor? Are they just winging it, too?” Spoken like a true teenager or first year philosophy student.

Yes and no. Of course they’re aren’t winging your lessons or your diagnosis, but they aren’t infallible either. They don’t know what’s coming up next. No one does. Their training doesn’t provide all the answers for every situation. Life is way bigger than any textbook. You just need to cross each bridge as you come to it.

That’s a little scary but also very freeing. Show up, wing it, don’t wait. You’ll be happier for it.

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Scenes from Saturday + So Much Slime!

At the end of the year Spotify compiles a personalized Top Songs playlist. We are regular Spotify users, but we don’t use Spotify’s family plan. All of our annual listening is mashed together in one giant jukebox and it’s a wonderful mess. Neutered KidzBop pop songs sit knee to elbow with (so many) Broadway showtunes and they in turn jostle for space with The National and Lorde. 

This music milkshake did annoy me for a while, but I’ve come to like it. Getting older means increasingly getting caught in your own tastes and feeding a constant echo chamber. Seeking out, finding, and giving yourself the time and space to experience new things is hard. Escaping the algorithms and getting a cold recommendation takes effort. 

Or, you could just let a bunch of kids freeload on your music subscription. I would have never learned the strangely hypnotic power of Tobu’s Candyland after 567th playing without them. Continue Reading

Lake Street Drive at Jordan Hall

Can a band’s greatest strength also be their greatest weakness? I’m beginning to suspect that the genre-hopping Lake Street Dive might have this problem. Even with all the streaming options today, if a band doesn’t fit neatly into a pre-set sound or algorithm, how are people going to find you? How do you categorize or explain a band that hop scotches between jazz, power pop, classic rock, soul, R&B and British Invasion. 

I call it awesome. I think other people call it confusing. How else to explain how with their lead singer’s voice and their musicianship they are not bigger stars. Continue Reading