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Scenes from Saturday + Back to the Beach

Flash cards. Drills. Deliberate practice. Purposeful habits. It’s not that I enjoy torturing the girls. I’m trying to illustrate that any type of improvement is often done in the day-to-day doldrums of everyday effort and often the results are far from immediate.

It’s graduation season, if I were to give a speech, this is what I’d say.

For self improvement, I believe this is the key whether it’s in writing, teaching, sports, programming, music, baking, or glitter crafts. Part of what I talked about with the book club attendees last week was my writing process. I try to write everyday. I am not interested in being a Writer, but rather working at writing. For me, the important thing is to write as much as possible. This is my work. That is what I want to pass on to the girls. Strive to be a verb. The question is not what I am, but rather what I do.

Do that every day. Work at your art.

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Scenes from Saturday + Gutters & Galoshes

I had a realization this week that feels obvious when typed out here: it’s impossible for kids to understand what being a parent is like.

I don’t just mean that they are being obstinate or immature. I mean they literally can’t understand. They have no frame of reference for understanding. I’m not sure why that took so long to sink in. And it made me feel better about some of their reactions to (what they see) as my constant, annoying reminders or worrying. All they understand is the outcome. And they don’t often like it. And that’s ok.

Their reactions and inability to understand isn’t their problem. It’s my problem. It’s the burden of parenting. So I just have to Dad-up and deal with it and ask them to empty the dishwasher again, or turn off that light again, or put on their helmet, or go over the flash cards, or give them an embarrassing hug in public one more time.

Even if it’s baffling to them and obvious to me.

Wait, maybe that’s how they feel about glitter?

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