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Scenes from Saturday + Concerts & Cultivation

One of Ally’s current piano songs is Bill Wither’s Lean on Me. I’ve heard it a lot in the last few weeks. Like, a lot. And I’m still not tired of it. I’ve always loved R&B and soul music but I think that song might be one of the best, if not the best, songs written in the last fifty years.

It is incredible how simple the lyrics appear to be. Just normal everyday language. The older I get and the more books I write, the more I appreciate how hard and how impressive it is to explain something in simple terms.

His voice was incredible of course, but I think the real power is those lyrics. They are quite literally almost unforgettable.

You know you’re humming it right now. That’s magic.

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Scenes from Saturday + Lazy Landscaping

School might be off to a stuttering, there is another day off next Thursday, but the middle schoolers are jumping right into the deep end with 9/11. Cecilia interviewed Michelle and I for an assignment about our day in NY twenty years ago. Cecilia has asked occasional questions before in the past. Ally was more aware this year and she seemed completely baffled by much of what happened. Aren’t we all.

I still don’t like to think of that day. Too raw. Too many horrible memories. Too many close what-if’s.

For the girls, for Ally, I’m afraid it was a bit of a rude awakening that the world is not made of glitter and choreographed dance numbers. There are mean, selfish, cruel and downright evil people out there in the world, too.

But not everyone. Not all people. I know there were many heroic and selfless acts that day, too. Part of parenting is not letting our past experiences and cynicism bleed into our kids. We can’t coddle them from reality. We need to prepare them, but also remind them that the vast majority of people are good. That most people will help if they can.

Friday night, after a long and affecting day of footage, memories, and questions, we watched Come From Away together. Maybe a little coddling isn’t so bad. Maybe the world is a little better with choreographed song and dance numbers. Continue Reading