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3 Places to Eat with Kids on PEI

3 Places to Eat with Kids on PEI

One of the best decisions during our recent vacation to Prince Edward Island was to rent a house, rather than fly and stay in hotels. Besides saving us the stress and hassle of airports and connections and the TSA, it allowed us to shop for and cook most of our meals. 

This might not sounds like a vacation for some, but I like to cook and I get easily frustrated with one of kid’s rather limited palettes at restaurant. I hate wasting money on food or having her constantly order something I could make at home for less than half the cost. Drives me crazy.

So, while we did most the dinners at the beach house, we did hit up a few spots, mostly for lunch on non-beach days. Here are a few recommendations for kid-friendly places to eat on PEI outside of Charlottetown.  Continue Reading

Metrowest Places: The Kids Place

My girls really like arts and craft projects. Our basement (when we can limit it to the basement) is full of construction paper scraps, capless markers, crayons, play-doh, glue sticks and craft kits. I find glitter and beads in the strangest places. How did glitter get in the master bathroom shower? How?! 

Once in awhile, typically when I don’t have the energy to open up the paints or face the prospect of a big cleanup, we will head out to a studio and let them do most of the work. Not the painting, decorating or other fun bits, but the set-up, clean up and generally messy parts. You know, the parts that get left to Mom or Dad. One of the girls’s favorite local places for projects is The Kids Place in nearby Needham. Continue Reading