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Scenes from Saturday + The Big Top

big apple circus

I remember the smells, of course. The popcorn, the sweet spun candy, the sour manure, the excitement. 

I remember the motorcycles in the steel cage, the elephants and the roaring lion.

I remember the big red and yellow program, too. Although I might have that confused with something else. My Dad would buy a program for any event held in a civic center or auditorium. 

Like many decisions in my life, this one was driven by musicals (and my wife). After they watched The Greatest Showman almost non-stop for the last week, we decided to surprise the girls with a trip to the Big Apple Circus. Because, like Disney on Ice or the Globetrotters, if you don’t take your children to the circus at least once, they revoke your parenting license.

I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant. Maybe ‘Water for Elephants’ ruined the circus for me. Maybe I read one too many sinister Ray Bradbury stories. Or maybe the circus just felt like talking on a rotary phone, a bit old-fashioned, a bit past its time. 

Despite being assured (by the website) of a thrilling, death-defying, remarkable, astounding re-launched show (they went bankrupt a few years ago), I remained skeptical. Colored by those stories and too many fly-by-night carnie operations that strand kids on a Ferris Wheel, I was expecting something rag-tag, tarnished, down at the heels. Maybe there would be an occasional spark, but a show mostly on it’s last legs for a last generation. 

I wonder how long people have been saying that? Didn’t I pay attention to the movie looping in my living room? Continue Reading