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Scenes from Saturday + Ramen & Onions

When I look back at 2023, I’ll likely remember it as the year I finally gave in, and then went all in, on pickleball. I am officially one of those people ruining tennis across the country. Sorry. But not really. It’s kept me active, got me out of just constantly running, and helped me meet a whole bunch of new people.

With the calendar flipping, we are firmly in resolution season and if you are contemplating making changes next year, you have likely come across the advice to follow your passion. Don’t do it! I think that’s backwards, or at least a little sideways.

Trying following your commitment first and let the passion develop naturally.

Or maybe just try pickleball. It’s a panacea.

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Scenes from Saturday + Solos & Santa

After the all shopping (and one Amazon guy showing up at 5:45 a.m.), all the year end work evaluations, all the baking, and all the holiday party small talk, I’m really looking forward to Dead Week.

“Dead Week… is a week off from the forward-motion drive of the rest of the year. It is a time against ambition and against striving. Whatever we hoped to finish is either finished or it’s not going to happen this week, and all our successes and failures from the previous year are already tallied up. It’s too late for everything; Dead Week is the luxurious relief of giving up.”

I’d quibble with the giving up part. Personally, it’s more of a letting go and looking back. It’s eating junk, not getting on the treadmill, taking longer walks and longer baths. It’s hitting pause and preparing ready for the new year.

Bring on Dead Week.

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Scenes from Saturday + Get Me Some Sake

I had my annual performance review at work this past week. All the projects, all the hours, all the metrics were laid out in black and white. A year’s worth of work neatly packaged up and quantifiable with a boss telling me whether I did a good job or not.

It sort of made me wish parenting was as clear as the work we do at, well, work. But at home? With our kids? It’s so much trickier. It’s invisible work. We don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, what’s important and what isn’t. And we won’t know, possibly for decades.

It might be tempting to lean into the clarity of our jobs but that would only be a distraction from the real work. Important, invisible work.

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Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies

dark chocolate sugar cookies

These simple, one bowl dark chocolate sugar cookies are a simple twist on the classic confection that come together quickly and offer a satisfying double hit for either a chocolate or a cookie craving.

I was on the hunt for a cookie recipe to bake for a neighborhood block party. I wanted something easy and quick but offered something a little unique. Something that went beyond the usual chocolate chip contribution.

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5 Minute Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

When a late night craving strikes for cookies, try these quick, healthy, and simple treats. These aren’t crispy I hesitate to call them cookies. It’s like making a pizza with a cauliflower crust. It is really pizza? It’s about setting expectations.

Still, these are good. Like a warm bowl of oatmeal in cookie-form. Just like oatmeal, the best part is this recipe is endlessly adaptable. Add in dark chocolate chips and that satisfy that chocolate sweet tooth. Try nuts. Or dried fruit. Or a little whole grains.
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