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Scenes from Saturday + Chores & Candlepins

After spoiling the kids in NYC last weekend, I had survivor’s guilt and started worrying that they have no idea how to be grateful. Not to me or Michelle. We are legally required to keep them alive so whether they are grateful or not toward us doesn’t hold much water. But just grateful in general, for pretty much everything. It might not always feel like it minute-to-minute or day-to-day but it is a great time to be alive. And scientifically speaking (we did go to the Natural History Museum last week) it is incredible we are here at all. The odds are so small. So why not rejoice? Well, it can be tough when the day is long and there are fractions to divide, piano to practice, and dishwashers to empty.

But how do you actual teach kids to be grateful? Force feeding it seems like it would backfire. If I made the kids start a gratitude journal I’m sure one of the first things they would write in it (after being thankful for the gloriousness of sparkle slime) is they would be grateful if I stopped making them write in it. Do you just model the behavior and hope it soaks in (my typical approach)? Do you make it a once a week dinner conversation? Do you seek out opportunities?

Anyone have any good routines for instilling gratitude in the tiny consumable monsters we call (per legal mandate) our children? Continue Reading

Metrowest Places: Needham Bowlaway

The expectations and variety of kid’s birthday parties these days makes my head spin and my wallet quite a bit lighter. When I was a kid, I remember two types of birthday parties. The first was at the birthday kid’s house and the second was at the local candlepin bowling alley. That’s it. Maybe we went to the movies a few times. I honestly don’t think I’m looking back with rose-tinted glasses. I can’t think of another type of birthday party. It was candlepin, cake and presents 90% of the time. Continue Reading