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Scenes from Saturday + Rain & Ducks

We are past Quitter’s Day and admittedly a few of my optimistic New Year’s promises to myself are hanging on by a thread.

What I say when I’m fighting against resistance to build that new habit or maintain a resolution: “There’s just not enough time to fit this into my routine.”

What I actually mean: “I’m not really interested in doing this.”

When I’m taking care of myself (sleeping, moving, eating right) and working on something I am genuinely excited about, finding time is never really an issue.

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Matt Murphy’s + a Funfetti Birthday

I am officially adding a decent pub to burritos and good pizza on the list of things that are difficult to find when moving out to the suburbs. For the last two weeks of these constant slate colored days both of us have been wishing for warm comfort food and dark beer. The kind of place that smells gently of bitters and fry oil with fogged windows that shield you from thinking of what’s outside. 

Or, basically nothing we could find within a 20 mile radius of our house.

There are certainly places to drink out in the ‘burbs, but most are faux-authentic chains trying so, so hard or dark paneled Legion halls steeped in the smoke of unfiltered Winstons. Not places you want to bring the kids or kick back and finish the crossword puzzle that the fish and chips came wrapped in. Continue Reading