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Scenes from Saturday + Wine & Sprinkles

This was a better week. I decided to stop fighting it, lean in, and embrace the glitter. Actually, it was watercolors that led me to the realization that I had started creating rules for the wrong things. And those rules appeared to exist just to stress me out more.

The girls love any art project but they really love painting. I hate painting. It’s messy. It gets on their clothes. They don’t clean the brushes. They violate basic rules of color theory. Essentially, it’s inconvenient and tiring for me.

Why are all my rules negative? The world’s upside down right now so why not a rule about embracing the mess? Why not a rule encouraging their curiosity? Maybe more of those types of rules would help me relax. I could use a rule about more relaxing.

I’m not abandoning rules completely. That just leads to finding glitter in your bed or all the glue sticks being left uncapped. Rules can help with a lot of things. They’re important. But arbitrary rules made up for my own convenience…that just leads to (more) day drinking. Continue Reading

PEI Things to Do: Copper Bottom Brewery

Copper Bottom Brewery

One of the great things about revisiting a place on vacation is that you have the time, knowledge, and flexibility to explore new things and take advantage of unexpected opportunities. This happened to us on our most recent return trip to Prince Edward Island. 

We were googling around looking for nearby restaurants and stumbled on Copper Bottom Brewery in Montague which offered, in addition to a nice tap room, live fiddle music on Sunday and pizza and vinyl on Thursday. Yes, please! Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + Trails, Trees & Trillium

We’ve reached the point in the year where every day at the breakfast table the girls delight in providing  an update on the number of school days left. Of my favorite things about Cecilia’s teacher this year is that she lets the kids do so much on their own. Yes, the results are rarely perfect or picture-worthy but they own it. I’m hoping this keeps going next year and translates into a deeper belief in herself and her abilities. 

Pushing, prodding, and electro-shocking the kids to get things done day-to-day can be challenging and that carrot/stick type of motivation is just not practical long term. It doesn’t do anything. It’s not useful. It’s the funfetti cake of motivation. It fades all too quickly. 

Belief, on the other hand, is a tool that’s extremely useful. I’m not talking about hope. Hope is not a life strategy. I’m talking about practical and pragmatic belief. Believing if you put in the work and take action, you can make things happen. 

If school can teach the kids that it might even be worth the pain of new math. Continue Reading