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Scenes from Saturday + Bored & The Beatles

It’s winter break this week. We are not a skiing family. We tend to stockpile our vacation days for the summer which means no February trips which means that by Saturday morning Ally was already saying she had nothing to do and was bored.

Good! I think boredom is important and quickly becoming a scarce resource. It’s really hard to be bored these days. The internet and social media are always available to soak up attention.

I love being bored because it allows you to indulge in curiosity and that in turn often leads to creativity.

Cecilia is taking an entrepreneurship class this semester and I pitched her an idea of doing her project on boredom spaces. They have rage rooms. Why not a apathy cafes. You could make boredom a luxury item like a spa. Come here and be bored. Discover something about yourself!

I was only half joking.

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