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Scenes from Saturday + Communion & Carbs

I had one of those moments this week where a few extraneous thoughts collide and bring new understanding. I love that.

First, I’ve been trying to revive the front lawn, as well as get the garden going again. I’m not a big lawn guy. What’s the point of them exactly? But I do like planting vegetables.

Then, I read that NY Times piece about languishing.

Finally, with less than forty days left, I thought about the kid’s past year in school during the pandemic.

Kids are tough. Tougher than we usually give them credit for. I don’t think the girls are languishing. I think (hope), that like my vegetable garden (the front lawn might be beyond saving) they are merely dormant. They are waiting to bloom.

Planting a garden is circular, not relentlessly chronological, like our social media-obsessed society. What they’ve learned or how they’ve adapted might not be known for decades.

This past year has been unique, weird, and at times tough, and it’s hard to flourish in those conditions but I don’t think they’re failing, I think they’re biding their for better conditions. Like a kohlrabi.

Yeah, just compared my kids to those weird orbs in the bottom of your CSA box.

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Allison & The Waitress

Warning: this is a proud Dad post. More than the usual, at least. As the girls grow, one of the most interesting things about parenting is to see how their personalities develop. You get to sit back and watch shocked and horrified as they do things you yourself would never imagine doing. I’ll occasionally catch a look or hear a phrase from one of them, usually Cecilia, that I see in the mirror, but just as often I’m left pondering what chance strand of DNA created that trait.

Like yesterday, when Allison auditioned for a part in The Waitress musical. For perhaps the first time since she put her leg completely behind her head as a newborn, I thought, there is no way you could ever convince me to do that.

Both girl’s (and their mother’s) love of musicals has been well-documented here and shows no signs of abating. Thanks to Michelle’s social media awareness (stalking) of various Broadway, stars and production companies, she learned that The Waitress would be auditioning a child part for the Boston show. Ally didn’t need much convincing.

TL;DR – She did awesome and had a great time. If you want to know a little more of the details, keep reading. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + Little Sisters

Allison, as the second born, leads a different life to that of Cecilia. No matter what we do as parents, much of her life revolves around Cecilia. Allison has gotten used to tagging along to Ce’s schedule and activities. Unlike Cecilia, who often likes to defend her position as first-born and remind us that she already knows how the world operates, Allison is easier going and her flexibility is a key piece of her personality.

This flexibility has made Ally more resilient than Ce, I just hope it hasn’t taught her to expect a little less out of life. It was with this in mind that I was happy to see Allison grab the mic and demand the spotlight during her birthday week. Rather than let her big sister lead, she had clear ideas about what she wanted and how she wanted it done.

Sure, she became a bit of a birthday terrorist by the end, but she had also freed herself from the second child handcuffs. At least for a week. Continue Reading