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Scenes from Saturday + Lady Bugs & Life

The girls are both becoming more self-aware. Middle school will do that to you. Why is everyone looking at me? Hint: they probably aren’t. They are worried why you are looking at them. It’s a navel-gazing comparison circle that is hard to escape. Some people never do.

I’m not sure I can teach the girls this, but it’s not going to stop me from preaching about it. Huffs, and puffs, and eye rolls be damned. How you compare to other people is far less important than how you compare to yourself. You are going to be happier and probably more successful by giving your best effort than somebody who is obsessed with only coming in first place or top of their class or who never seriously tries.

Now, I can say that, but getting a kid to understand their own potential and what seriously trying actually is might be another story.

No, it doesn’t always involved flash cards.

But that’s a good start!

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Air Fryer Apple Fritters

air fryer apple fritters

A little late in the fall calendar to make these apple fritters but the recipe is so simple and easy that it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. Nevermind holidays or Sunday brunch, this is such a quick and straightforward recipe that it’s easy to whip up for a weekday breakfast surprise. The end result is an old fashioned apple sweet treat that is a cross between a donut and a slice of warm pie. It feels indulgent, and the glaze gives it a sweet finish, but the air fryer saves a lot of the fat. And it’s all done in less than twenty minutes. Faster than you can run out and buy a box of pastries. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + Donuts!

It’s becoming clear as we work our way through fourth grade that while in many ways Cecilia is very similar to me (mostly reserved, easily embarrassed, great hair), she definitely does not learn like me.

This realization, simple as it may seem, has led to more peaceful parenting when she gets home after school. It’s up to me to adapt and let her know that one, her way is legit and acceptable and two, that no matter what, I’m on team Ce and will be there to help her even if it means new math, taking the long way around, or listening to endless facts about Canada.

My #1 job is not to force a certain way or take delight only in accomplishments but to value and love her for the nutty young woman she is becoming, no strings attached. 

Neither of us is perfect, but starting from a place of compassion and support and not right versus wrong will hopefully have an impact on us long past fourth grade. Continue Reading