Spinach & Artichoke White Pizza

Weeknight pizza is not typically in the cards at our house. Too many other moving parts: piano practice, homework, day care pick up. The pizza making is usually reserved for Friday or Saturday given the number of pies and the amount of time it typically takes me.

However, we are hosting Christmas dinner this year and, before we shop this weekend, we needed to clear out some space in the fridge and freezer. After I pulled out all the half-eaten jars, containers and bags, the only thing I could think of was put it on some dough, cover it all in cheese and bake it till bubbly.

It worked out ok. This pie was quick, easy, unique and relatively healthy. It paired well with the side salads from the crisper drawer clean out.

First, get the pizza stone heated up while you prep the rest of the ingredients.

Next, stretch out your dough and make the herb-oil mixture. Brush the mixture onto the dough.


Then, mix up your spinach and artichoke dip topping. I used Greek yogurt, frozen spinach and chopped up artichoke hearts, plus some parmesan cheese and a little soy sauce. Depending on how much liquid is in your yogurt, you might need to add an additional tablespoon of water or oil to loosen it up.


Finally, spread it over the dough, top with some mozzarella and you are ready to launch it into the oven.


Bake it to your desired crispiness. I like to finish the pizza after it comes out of the oven and still bubbling with a sprinkle of additional hard cheese, like more parmesan, and a splash of olive oil. Slice. Enjoy. 

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  1. https://www.pizzamaking.com/index.html
    Mike! I love reading your blogs every week and catching up with you and the family. I thought of you today when I came across this webpage about pizza makers. There is a very active discussion forum and dare I say, some very passionate pizza makers that you may find fun. If you don’t know about it already, you may want to check it out!

    It was great seeing you and those beautiful little girls this summer. Hope you and Michele have a great Christmas!
    Love, Peggy

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