Snow Day

We made it to February this year, but finally succumbed to the dreaded mid-week, no-school, snow day.

How did it go? I’ll show you.

The first rule of a snow day is to start on the couch and stay as warm and comfy as possible for as long as possible. Basically, act like a dog.

Second rule, at least for our girls, is to watch as many re-runs of Full House as possible before Mom or Dad can’t stand it any longer.

Next, while it’s still snowing and you’re not allowed out because your parents might lose sight of you three feet from the door, pull out every medium of arts and crafts supplies you have squirreled away. Definitely do not forget the paint or the glitter.

Have lunch. Preferably a classic Campbell’s soup and a grilled cheese.

Finally get the all-clear to head outside. “Help” shovel, make a tunnel, try to force the dog to go through the tunnel. (Dog is not amused.) Stay outside until tiny icicles cling to your drippy nose and you can’t feel the tips of your toes or fingers Come inside. Expect a mug of hot chocolate like Norm entering Cheers. Wait impatiently as your Dad explains who Norm is.

Have a kitchen dance party. Exhibit some legit rhythm and dance moves that lead your parents to wonder where exactly you came from.

Help with the recent weekly chore of making a batch of rice, bean and cheese empanadas so that you will eat something besides yogurt and gummies all week.

Go from cooking to baking with a batch of classic, buttery snickerdoodles. Get really confused and amused about the name. Find a way to phrase six different questions a bout why they are called snickerdoodles. Still be confused in the end, but enjoy the warm cookies.

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Watch (and dance) to Trolls.

Fall asleep.


Miss Dad opening the wine.