Simple, No Knead Italian Semolina Bread

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This simple, no knead bread, made with semolina and coated in sesame seeds, is almost as Italian as pizza. This semolina Italian bread is very easy and forgiving to make and works well as breakfast toast or in a dinner bread basket. I make at least one loaf of this bread for my father-in-law each time he visits.

Semolina flour (you want the kind typically labeled durum – semolina that has been ground finer – for this type of bread) is a high-protein flour that gives the bread an almost sweet flavor.

The crust is crunchy and spiked with sesame seeds while the interior has a close crumb that stands up well to both sauce or cut up smaller and paired with a charcuterie boards during appetizers.

Typically, a rustic free form loaf baked in a wood oven or on a stove, this version is simply left to ferment overnight and plopped in a loaf pan for an easy, almost hands free sandwich-style loaf.

It really is that simple. Mix up the ingredients, let it sit overnight, plop it in the pan, let it rest while the oven preheats and you are 40 minutes from fresh bread.

This version uses the poor man’s Dutch oven method (more about it here in this recipe) where you’ll use a second loaf pan and place it on top of the one with the dough to create that steam trap during the initial oven spring.



  1. It dounds great!
    Question: do i have to knead the dough before it rests for the 2nd time (for 1 to 1.5 hours)?

    1. Nope. The less you handle it the better on this one. Just plop it into the pan after the initial overnight rest then put it in the oven.

    1. Yes, that’s correct. I generally let it rise for 2 hours or so and then stick it in the fridge for a day or so before shaping and baking

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