Scenes from Saturday + Zombies & Lifetime Movies

Typically as parents Michelle and I are pretty good at keeping one another afloat most weeks. If one is down, the other is up. It’s good teamwork or just a genetic survival mechanism. But this past week was a challenge. We could blame all sorts of things: school restarting, work, the ongoing pandemic, the news in general. Or just 2020 throwing its weight around and it had both of off balance.

Cecilia decided this was a good time to give me her opinion on my time management advice. She disagreed with it. I disagreed with her. Grievances were aired. I might be making this sound more civil than it was. If this blog had reenactments, it would make Lifetime movies look subtle.

We are both stubborn however only one of us is a parent. Michelle politely reminded me that I don’t get to throw up my hands. That’s not part of the job. I don’t even really get to have an opinion.

I might be tired and stressed and want to put my head in the vacuum until all these problems are over but there is no magical thinking as a Dad. Wishing and hoping does not change reality. Being a parent means you hold on long as you need to. Our feelings about it don’t count. Even if you think you could probably win an Emmy portraying yourself in Mike’s Window: Lies My Father Told Me…

Unexpected twist to start the morning? Michelle really enjoyed Disney’s Zombies. Never underestimate the power of a musical. If you ever need Michelle to do you a favor just send her a singing telegram.

Somehow Ally slipped these Unicorn chips into the cart one week. They taste are as terrifying as they look. Spilled across the counter it looks like your house is infested with tiny, incontinent Shetland unicorns.

Ally, the girl who prefers all her food on the white side of the spectrum, had no problem eating purple and pink pancakes.

The girls enjoyed their woods walk and glamour shots. Whatever keeps them from complaining about using their legs.

Ally’s face when we suggested going farther as if the entire walk was a trick to get her to exercise.

Dance has started back up which means Ally now has a whole new kitchen meal time prep routine.

They both have shown a real affinity for at least browsing the scary Halloween costumes. Maybe their tolerance is growing? Maybe this is the year we finally make it through Paddington Bear.

I always say as long as they are reading…

Picture day on Tuesday means we need to at least be able to see her eyes even if we managed to escape the LifeTouch checkout process only ordering the basic package. Not an easy feat.

I might not get to have an opinion but for now I’m still the one driving the car, so we closed out the day with some lawn chairs and cocktails. No gluten-free beer this week!

Odds that a late afternoon beer garden stop results in takeout for dinner?

99%. The other 1% was spent arguing about whether we’d already eaten all the emergency hand pies in the freezer.

No transfer station visit to buoy my spirits, but a warm, sunny Saturday without chores, or Zooms, or glitter wasn’t so bad. I’ve got a better grip on that rope again. Just in time for another week. Hang in there everybody.