Scenes from Saturday + Workouts & Water Balloons

Michelle and I joined a fitness challenge recently, not because we feel out of shape or need to lose weight, more because we just felt in a rut both food-wise and exercise-wise.

The challenge includes access to trainers, workouts, meal plans, and nightly motivational-type videos. Typically I half listen while Michelle watches but we have noticed that Cecilia has taken an interest and seems to drift into the room when Coach Jeff is preaching and it reminded that parenting moments can happen in the strangest and most unexpected places and we should be prepared to use all of them.

Driving back and forth from dance or sports can seem like a chore but that’s when I hear the most about their days. Sitting and reviewing math homework is not something I really want to do after dinner but that’s often when she gets chatty. Can’t waste any of those opportunities.

Coach Jeff talks a lot about resilience, putting the work in now for results later, discipline, and accountability. All good things for her to hear and better that it’s coming from him than me. Changes the frame a bit. It’s not just Dad doing an adult rant in a Peanut’s cartoon voice.

Now if I can just get him to slip in a mention of flash cards.


Returned from the usual morning run and found the typical start to the day. I’m on the fence about which will melt their brains faster live-action Disney or live-action Nickelodeon.

Michelle and I did the required workout for the fitness challenge. You know what’s motivating? Having a dog snoring on the floor between you during your circuit training.

Wegman’s early morning is always the way to go. However, what’s not cool? When a supermarket completely changes the layout and you end up going in circles looking for the bread like you’re in a holding pattern over LaGuardia.

Mad turkey crossings becoming more common. This one was solo. Sometimes you get one that acts like a crossing guard and you can get stuck as long as waiting for the local freight train. Also, never turn your back on a male turkey.

The other usual start to a Saturday? Michelle taking about the tape measure. I can mark this Saturday as the official start of the kitchen makeover.

We hired an independent design consultant. She’s doing it for a better iPhone model this fall.

I had no input into the cabinets or kitchen decisions (other than expressing a desire for a dedicated pizza oven). I only requested take-out burritos for dinner.

I’m also very proud to have raised two Anna’s loving children. I’m fairly certain they would both root for Boston teams over NY but I’m completely sure they will always love Anna’s over any other burrito.

So, this was a real Sophie’s choice for Ally. We had planned to get ice cream that night but then the ice cream truck drove through the neighborhood. Instant gratification or delayed gratification?

Some background, a different truck drove through on Friday night during dinner and the girls were unable to catch it. Ally… lost it. She was so disappointed. She went up to your room and played calliope music on Alexa. “To you it’s just an ice cream truck. To me it means the world.”

I mean, how could I not let her get something, right?

A very warm afternoon was a perfect opportunity for a kid’s water balloon fight. The girls have maybe a few more years of natural advantage.

The girls are sort of obsessed with magic. I’m sort of obsessed with Teller.

Penn, Teller, or maybe it was the heat, or the ice cream, or the fact that I finally conceded and turned on the A/C, but they went to bed without complaint. Another Saturday magically gone.



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