Scenes from Saturday + Wicked

The anticipation had been building for a couple weeks. We showed them YouTube videos, read them the synopsis (we’ve found this really helps cut down on “whispered” questions during performances), had long dinner conversations about Oz, showed them more YouTube videos (we were a little worried about some parts for Ally so we used exposure therapy – it worked) and of course had the official cast recording playing 24/7. At least with these songs, I can easily sidestep the urge to explain how bad a president Hoover was to them.

Seeing a four year old break down Popular with dance moves is actually kind of impressive. Even if she is missing the point of the lyrics. 

Saturday, the day had finally arrived and it all culminated in Ally appearing in our room at 5 a.m., all ready to go.

We (Michelle) have created musical fanatics. Yes, we are recording the Tony’s tonight for them. Yes, I will be watching the US/Mexico game in the basement.

 Here’s how the rest of an “awesome” (Cece quote) Saturday went…..

We start on the couch, of course, with the Tanner family. There was a lot going on for the Tanner’s in this episode. Michelle joins the Honeybees, Joey fires Jesse, DJ is trying to convince Danny to let her study in Spain, Jesse finds a gray hair leading to a crises the can only be solved by …..The Beach Boys, of course. Seriously, why were these guys always on this show? The more I watch this show the more surreal it gets.


We managed to get them away from the TV for breakfast before they got zombified. Ally spent most of the time making an important call on her phone. She never did tell us who she was calling.


After breakfast, the girls headed took Dash for a walk. Another chore that is getting closer to child hand off. Cece can now walk him on the leash by herself. Ally thinks she can.

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While the girls walked, I packed up my bag for my triathlon tomorrow. So much gear. The girls came back and were very interested in the chocolate gels.


As is the Donohue Running Club tradition, anyone participating in a race gets signs made. The girls took their work seriously. Ally had a lot of questions about my swim venue so she could get the details right on her sign.


Finally, before leaving, we had to take care of business. Business before pleasure. Actually, Cece goes through the same transformation every week. The new songs are hard, they are worse than homework, but by Sunday she is turning the corner and by her lesson on Wednesday she has them memorized.


After piano, it was time to change and head into the city for the show. Ally was practically vibrating.


My first time at the renovated Opera House. They did a great job. I even fit in the seats with banging my knees and the air conditioning kept the place cool the entire time. We actually had great seats about 10 rows back.

We got discounted tickets because they were way to the left, but there were only a few parts that the stage view was obstructed. I was originally picturing behind behind a pole like right field in Fenway, but it wasn’t an issue at all. Great deal.


After the show, we headed over to Fort Point to Batali’s pizzeria. 


Mom skipped the traditional champagne at the show, but doubled up at dinner!


Ally kept herself occupied.


Finally, the girls scored some Ben & Jerry’s and we ambled through the Seaport back to the car.


Anytime a day end with me carrying Allison upstairs to bed is a day worth remembering.


Not that they will let me forget it anytime soon. Here is what was going on most of today!