Scenes from Saturday + Weights & Wine

On Valentine’s Day this week, Cecilia cleaned her sneakers and I thought about love. Stay with me for a moment. The cleaning was not just a cursory wipe down, either, it involved spray bottles, hair dryers, and copious amounts of paper towels. She put in the time and effort. In short, she cared.

We often think of love as leading to care, but I think the opposite is just, if not more, true. Care can lead us to love.

The author Alison Gopnik writes about parenting and children: “This caring changes us, and deepens our love. We don’t care for children because we love them. We love them because we care for them.”

This sort of blew my mind and I’m not even sure if it is true, but even if it isn’t, it is a very useful fiction, because it encourages us to action, not to passively wait for the feeling. Be the verb first.

Too much to take from a shoe cleaning?

As much as I love running, I equally dislike strength and weight training.

This is where having Chelle as an accountability partner is key. She is the exact opposite.

After getting out for seven miles with the Soles (local 10k in April, register now!), she cajoled me into a more well rounded workout.

Nothing like some classic Dance Moms episodes to get your Saturday off to a stress-free start.

Good opportunity to talk to the girls about “reality” television, how to treat people, and IRS income reporting requirements.

I’ve never met another spaniel that disliked water so much. Any time he hears the ‘b-word’ he tries to take off like Andy Dufrense from Shawshank.

Unlike Andy, he never gets far.

In a lesson on never giving up, our ‘Christmas’ amaryllis bloomed this week.

Feel like there is a children’s book idea in there somewhere.

Worth the wait on Valentine’s Day.

Still learning the best techniques with my new Ooni and searching for a reliable dough recipe.

Tried a cold-proved Neapolitan this week.

After obtaining a Mom permit, Ally built a pillow and blanket complex in the dining room.

Dash told her he could have used it a little earlier in the day to aid his escape.

If you ever wonder what Ally might like for a birthday or Christmas present, just go with blank canvases and paint.

She is never bereft of ideas and never afraid to explore them. She’d give Cy Twombly a run for his money. I envy that.

Costco on a Saturday is something only Michelle would try to pull off. Even with the pull of samples, I try to only go to Costco on Wednesday’s between 10 a.m. and noon. Otherwise, it’s too stressful.

Even if I’m fluent in reading the secret price tag codes.

Since I demurred on Costco, perhaps it was karma that I ran into a transfer station traffic jam.

I do not know what triggered it but Ally’s fascination with football continues. It was not the nachos or skillet cookie or Rihanna’s hair at the Super Bowl. One day she just decided she liked throwing the football.

Pizza update: the Neapolitan dough recipe worked out great. Easy to make, very easy to stretch and handle. Almost too easy. Maybe could use more like 48-72 hours in the fridge for flavor, but overall, a recipe I will use again.

In better news, did not burn a single pie to cinders. I’m learning.

Ally’s favorite things: Puppies, art projects, nachos, and eating on the couch while watching TV.

Just about a perfect Saturday for her.

Have a great Sunday. Take care of something. Even if it’s just a pair of shoes.


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