Scenes from Saturday + Wawa & White Mountain

I’ve learned that being a parent only gives you the slightest illusion of control. We don’t control much of what they do, or what they feel, or their heavy glitter pour, or strange distaste for vegetables.

But we do get to control how we look and react to things.

I’ve mentioned before the constant mental wrestling match with the state of our basement. Does messy mean they are slobs? Or does messy mean they are using the room as intended? How should I react?

I’m now having the same struggle with a teenager’s bedroom, the one I look at every time I climb the stairs. The one littered with clothes and other “important”… junk that can’t be moved. Is it worth fighting over? Or is it part of how they figure things out?

If she sees me make my bed every day, or clean up the kitchen after meals, or pick up a random sock, will that practice eventually sink in? Maybe. Better to model the behavior than rail against it. We choose what we see. That’s what we can control.

Sweater weather also means perfect running weather. A few more precious weeks until all the extra winter layers need to come out.

For now, just long sleeves and the occasional pair of gloves and the autumn sunrise scenery.

The girls started on the couch and, after ten years of trying, Cece finally got hooked on “one of Mom’s really old shows.”

She’s currently working through back episodes of Gilmore Girls.

We spent much of the day meeting up with friends, censoring college stories for kid consumption, and trying to remember the names of campus buildings. You know, the glory days.

At the bookstore, it did not go unnoticed that there were ample index cards for sale.

Wonder what those are for?

We walked through one of the dining halls and the girls had a lot of question about why people were still in their pajamas and why they were still eating breakfast at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The girls did not want eggs for lunch so we opted for burritos. Tried to get the girls to order in Spanish.

Finally, no visit to campus would be complete without a stop at my old employer. The girls had a lot of questions. It felt like a job interview.

Once again, the current employees could not have cared less that I worked there 25 years ago, but Michelle continues to tell them every time we visit.

Meeting up with old friends is great. Meeting up with old friends that bring Wawa pretzels? How could Saturday get any better?

But it did! After the pretzels, they brought out the Tastykakes. Which you can actually get up here, but not in the variety of flavors or freshness that you might get when they come direct from Delco.

I have many elementary school lunchbox memories that ended with a butterscotch krumpet.

After the campus visit, we finished the day with an early Halloween get together.

And, as if pretzels and Tastykakes didn’t set the bar high enough, how about some baked brie? With puff pastry?

A mummy brie is an easy and delicious themed treat to bring to all the costume parties next week. Don’t forget the olive eyes.

The Divine Miss M can still bring it. We finished the night with an outdoor viewing of Hocus Pocus 2 complete with fire and inflatable pools. Two things that usually don’t go together but worked well in this instance. The outdoor screen from the library worked like a charm, too.

Okay, that wasn’t quite the end of the night. We actually finished the night back on the home couch eating the end of the mummy brie and watching the Phillies win another crazy game.

Happy Sunday!


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