Scenes from Saturday + Truck Stops & Handpies

If you are reading this it means we’ve survived our 12 hour car trip across the border into Canada without an international incident and are back in PEI for a week of mussels….and not much else beyond a relaxing end to the summer.

Family road trips can be many things but mostly they are a test for parents on how long they can keep kids occupied before the children reach their breaking point. I try to see this as a way to help them develop patience and slowly prepare them for a life of sitting in a cube working on TPS reports.

The girls actually did great. We’ve built up their stamina with road trips to Jersey, Philly, and DC and they handled the extra hours pretty well. We did Harry Potter on audio, they did a few movies, there were silly road games, some French pop on the radio, and a breakfast truck stop.

We have three cardinal rules for our road trips: First, keep everyone fed. Second, embrace the chaos with as much humor and patience as you can muster. Third, always bring baby wipes no matter how old your kids (or their father) get.


The drive started early. No time for the couch.


The early hour did not dampen the girl’s enthusiasm. We didn’t even have to wake them up. Unfortunately, this excitement did not help with our plan to have them fall back asleep for a few hours.


Four hours later, we had made it to our truck stop breakfast destination in Bangor, Maine.


Now this is what you need for proper fuel on a road trip.


Maine traffic jam. Too obvious? But this is honestly why the long drive doesn’t feel that long. Very low stress.


After last year’s debacle, we correctly followed the border approach instructions and made it across without incident.


Seven hours in, still smiling. Taking a break from Harry Potter to listen to their own audio books at this point.


Right on schedule, we met up with the group for some handpies for lunch.


New innovation this year, dessert handpies!


We took the dessert handpies to go for later and stopped for some ice cream. Because multiple handpies aren’t filling enough.


Before we made it to the house, we stopped off for some supplies at the local food store. Primarily this meant fun international candy flavors. We really need better access to dark chocolate Kit Kats in the US.


Then it was on to the house. Ally was almost overcome with excitement when we were finally on the red dirt road that approaches the house. For some reason, she has the idea that chinchillas beat their chest.


The girls were very happy to have the drive over and be back at “their” house (we are renting the same place as last year).


Only one way to finish off a PEI road trip.




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