Scenes from Saturday + Trims & Needles

Cecilia brought home a test recently where she did really well overall but struggled in one section. I asked about that section first. Cecilia got upset. And she was right. I assumed she knew I was proud that she did well on the other sections.

I sometimes get complacent as a Dad or just let the eye rolls wear me down. I shouldn’t assume. I shouldn’t wait. She gets plenty of instructions in school. And she’ll continue to get our help at home, of course, but I can’t forget to also be a cheerleader and their biggest fan, too.

You never know what moments are going to be formative or resonate with them, but I can guess it might not be the night of the big jazz performance, or after the dance recital. It might be a random afternoon when they need a boost and their Dad gave them a pat on the back.

Don’t wait and don’t assume.

Our weeks have gotten very busy with school, dance, and music, but the weekends have remained rather quiet. It was the usual start. Both Michelle and I were up and able to get our runs done.

One of the things I enjoy about the running group is that you just never know who you might run with and what you might learn. I had a long and interesting conversation about the history of chestnut trees and the biological makeup of aspens during miles four and five.

Also, there are a lot of decorations up now.

I often wonder at all the differences between my childhood and the girl’s but one thing I definitely recognize is Saturday morning TV with a bowl of cereal. Of course they can’t agree on a cereal. Ally is a Corn Pops girl. Ce prefers Golden Grahams.

Dash continues to try to teach his new neighbor Bizzy some respect for her elders. For her part, Bizzy continues to smack Dash in the face and try to jump on his back.

It wouldn’t be a recent Saturday morning without something baking or fermenting or proofing on the counter. Today, it was two loaves of Harvest bread from Flour Water Salt Yeast.

Michelle out for her usual 9 a.m. walkabout with power tools. I particularly enjoy how I captured the continuously falling needles as she was trying to clean up the existing needles.

A girl walks into a room wearing a panda costume….there’s a joke in there somewhere.

The fact that this didn’t faze me at all tells me just how many costume changes I’ve endured as a Dad.

Picture day for Ally this week, plus a couple of pending events in November, meant it was time to negotiate just how much of the girl’s hair could be trimmed.

It was nice to see Ally’s eyes again without resorting to the leaf blower.

The stylist had to call in reinforcements to help blow dry Cecilia’s very thick mane of hair.

One pandemic habit that has continued: home-based haircuts. Though I have to admit, I’m not sure that is the face your want someone to make as they are cutting your hair.

It was too nice to stay inside so in the afternoon we walked Dash along with the girls at the old state hospital grounds.

Dinner was dressed up Top Ramen bowls. Hey, we avoided the lure of takeout.

We might finally be swaying the girls over to the power of the Muppets. This was the third or fourth try to get them to see the comedic genius involved and I think, along with the familiarity of the Haunted Mansion from this summer, it might have worked. They sat still, didn’t complain, and if you didn’t look at her, Cecilia might have even laughed along.

That’s worth a pat on the back.


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