Scenes from Saturday + Trails & Trials

It was a tough week all around. Stock market. Work. Corona. Politics. Kids. It was a maelstrom of bad news and trouble. By Wednesday, I was twitchy with stress before the second cup of coffee. By Friday, I was something of a mess and working from home most of the day only amplifies these types of feelings. In today’s always on, hot take world, how do you get your head clear? How do you wash away the stress? A bottle of wine is only effective for so long. Holding on for that week vacation isn’t going to be enough. You need a plan. 

The biggest unexpected benefit to joining a running group is not the increased fitness or increased speed, it’s the weekly practice of wringing out that built up stress. And I don’t just mean the camaraderie of the Saturday long run or Thursday track sessions. It’s new friends, trivia nights, plogging, meandering text threads, or pot luck breakfasts. It’s about the process of regaining your sanity in this mixed up, stressful world we live in.

(Of course winning trivia for the third month in a row is also chicken soup for the soul :))

How are you staying sane?


Hmmm….what do you say to this face staring at you when you wake up. He really is part cat.

Cecilia is typically the first one up and is downstairs watching shows by 6:30. Alone. With the remote. It might be her happiest time of day.

Ally finds this inherently unfair when we tell them to eventually turn off the television. The show watching metrics are uneven! Ally needs at least three shows to wake up.

Chef Ce was back in business, making her and her sister some European-stye scrambled eggs.

Ally eventually woke up and did her piano.

I made the girls take an Insta selfie for Rare Disease Day.

We put the girls’ craft skills to good use and made cards for homeless shelter bags at church.

You gotta support a bar that will open early so you can watch the marathon trials with other like-minded people that understand the word fartlek.

Michelle and Cece took Dash on a woods walk. Or maybe it was the other way around. I’m fairly sure that Dash is the only one that confidently knows the way home.

It’s not a Saturday without a three costume changes and a show. Nice to see my bike being put to good use.

Eventually we looped back to the couch where the ladies commandeered the remote and dissected women’s choices on Say Yes to the Dress.

We have yet to find something from the local Chinese take-out place that Ally will eat other than fortune cookies and white rice. So while we enjoyed a low effort dinner, this is Ally’s version of Chinese takeout.

There was a bonus show yesterday as Ally discovered dinner theater. Gotta say, I don’t mind this type of show. Two drink minimum, but still…

We finished off our bonus Saturday with a viewing of 30 Rock’s magnificently bonkers Leap Day episode. Real life is for March. It doesn’t count on Leap Day…unless your Dad is blogging it.