Scenes from Saturday + Trails, Trees & Trillium

We’ve reached the point in the year where every day at the breakfast table the girls delight in providing  an update on the number of school days left. Of my favorite things about Cecilia’s teacher this year is that she lets the kids do so much on their own. Yes, the results are rarely perfect or picture-worthy but they own it. I’m hoping this keeps going next year and translates into a deeper belief in herself and her abilities. 

Pushing, prodding, and electro-shocking the kids to get things done day-to-day can be challenging and that carrot/stick type of motivation is just not practical long term. It doesn’t do anything. It’s not useful. It’s the funfetti cake of motivation. It fades all too quickly. 

Belief, on the other hand, is a tool that’s extremely useful. I’m not talking about hope. Hope is not a life strategy. I’m talking about practical and pragmatic belief. Believing if you put in the work and take action, you can make things happen. 

If school can teach the kids that it might even be worth the pain of new math.

After a week of strange, we start the day back on the home couch. It was a slow start. I was happy they went back to Phineas & Ferb. Love that show.


Sadly, I couldn’t stay and watch the Lindana episode. I was taking a friend’s bib (legally) for a local 10k trail race. Not a bad way to start a weekend.


Two things did occur to me about mile into the race.

First, the race site might have gilded the lily a bit with their passive course description “classic NE trail running…smooth up/downs, fun natural features to navigate.” More like snake pits of twisted, wet roots generously sprinkled with sharp rocks on a bed of loose pine needles.

Second, running a trail race a few weeks before a trip to Italy was, perhaps, not too smart. I manage to finish (escape) mostly unscathed. Three mild ankle twists and one all out face plant. Could have been worse. Mostly just injured pride. Turns out, if you fall in the woods in a trail race someone definitely hears. Still managed 7th place. Take that, nature!


Back at home, the girls may have had it worse. Michelle wanted them to clean out their closets.


You can probably guess the kid’s reaction but why guess when you can take a photo of it? You don’t mess with Momma when she has a to-do list in her head.


A lot of progress is being made on the soccer field. All the kid’s can now take down the post-game treat in less than three minutes and not get a drop on their shirts. Impressive.


After soccer, it was dropping off those donated clothes, other pre-travel errands, and some lunch. Lunch was the carrot.


Kids were on a little bit of a sugar high for the post-meal food shopping. Our cart got a wide berth at Trader Joe’s.


Michelle’s list done, we ended the day with a little bit of leisure. Gotta appreciate a brewery that makes good beer but also doesn’t mind kids or dogs.


Ally was quite proud of climbing her first tree. She insisted I include this picture.


If you’re lucky, your Saturday might end with friends, fevered dancing, and tired kids. Gotta believe.