Scenes from Saturday + Traffic & Tacos

School is out and yesterday was the first official summer vacation drive to the Cape. I tend to believe things matter more than they do. Take…traffic. Cape traffic. There are just two (very old) bridges and everyone in New England and New York have a mutual agreement to meet at the bridges at the same time.

If we’re running late, I get stressed and irritable, convinced the entire day or weekend will be a disaster because our ETA has slipped by four minutes. But is it really that important to beat the traffic? Not really. Traffic, missing appointments, airport security lines, dance rehearsals. It can all take me out of the moment and rob a little joy for me (anyone lucky enough? to be with me). Yet often, the actual consequence if I were late or missed something is… nothing.

I often fall into the mental trap of conditional importance—if you want this result, take this action—with the idea that it would be terrible if the result didn’t happen. Sometimes it would be, obviously (getting fired from your job, being respectful etc), but often it wouldn’t.

Intellectually, if I take a step back, I know it doesn’t matter if I’m late, but my body has a hard time deciphering these mixed messages. I’ll snap or be curt or generally tighten up like Dash when he realizes why Michelle is filling up the tub.

Recognizing this helps. Recently I’ve been trying to ask myself (having a teenager gives me plenty of practice): “Wait. Does this actually matter?” Often, the answer is very clearly no. And for just a moment, I understand the Krishnamurti quote on serenity: “I don’t mind what happens.”

Then, I let my shoulders drop, and I exhale.

The couple that runs together…. stands at least four feet apart after the run. Or, you do if you are married to someone with a sweating superpower.

Though, to be fair, Michelle resembled more than just a slightly winded, glazed donut after finishing at the top of the hill.

I think a few districts must have a day or two of school left.

The traffic was light and the beach was mostly empty.

This honestly looked like the set of some sort of elaborate prank or con.

We discovered our favorite local fish monger was under new ownership. This was not a total surprise, businesses often change hands during the off season. We were just happy it was still open and will now be selling fish taco and burritos.

I never understood why more places didn’t offer fish tacos as an alternative to the ubiquitous (and expensive) lobster roll.

While we were waiting for the tacos, one of the women behind the counter kept staring at Michelle. To the point where everyone got a little uncomfortable. Michelle was carrying her small, clear concert clutch and finally the woman said, “Sorry, I have to ask, but do you always carry invisible ink in your purse?”

Fair question. No, not always, just when your daughter has a birthday party at Urban Air and has to use up those last 10 tickets.

In the afternoon, the beach….was still mostly empty.

That just left more of a sandy stage for Allison to dance.

This is what we now call ‘safe shark depth’ if you are on the ocean side of the Cape.

Much of the day was spent deciding who would go back and fill the cooler.

You can’t complain about those type of Saturdays.

It’s actually been a number of years since we found any fully intact sand dollars during a low tide walk.

Even this morning, I’m not sure what this guy was doing. He had a fishing pole hooked up to a black kite and was talking animatedly to someone on the phone. Any guesses?

An early Happy Birthday and Father’s Day to Poppy!

Experimented with a lemon chess pie. Poppy likes lemon desserts. None of us had ever had a chess pie, so no one was sure if this was actually good or not. But we all agreed it needed more lemon. I think we all expected something closer to key lime and not custard.

Also, one of the few things that can really annoy Michelle is a slow and plodding version of Happy Birthday. Stay on the beat, people!

If the pie disappointed a little, the sunset certainly didn’t.

Happy Father’s Day!


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