Scenes from Saturday + Toe Tapping & Turbulence

Jan really didn’t get to do much in this week’s episode and, according to Amazon, my copy of 1,001 More Glitter Jokes won’t arrive until late May so I am fresh out of material and turning over the Saturday post to Michelle this week. I’m sure she’ll continue to reinforce the perception that our house constantly smells like fresh bread with micro-climates of rainbows and kids conjugating verbs in ancient Greek.

Someone at work this week told me that the pandemic experience is like being on a red eye flight where you lose your sense of time, you can’t sleep, your seat doesn’t recline back, and there’s occasional bouts of stomach-dropping turbulence.

This week was difficult for me. There were tough decisions to make at work, the official announcement that the kids would not be returning to school came out, the rapid pace and constant engagement had me feeling exhausted, sad, and overwhelmed. 

Those of you who know me, know this is NOT my normal disposition, but this week it all caught up to me.  

So what did I do?  I went to bed early and woke up and went back at it the next morning. I know the family pokes fun of me for never being able to be still, but I feel best when I am engaged and know my purpose.  

We may not ever fully understand the “purpose” of this pandemic, but I know my role with my family, with work, with myself and that is what keeps me going.

All that and the arrival of Saturday. We all know our roles on Saturday…


The day started off with Dash taking his usual after wake up nap.  It’s essential to his mental health. Maybe I should try this?

After some egg burritos, it was time to start cleaning.  Allison seemed to get as much satisfaction out of using the Magic Eraser as I did.  Dancing + cleaning. Mom school for the win!

After thoroughly scrubbing the first floor, it was time for a break and the cul-de-sac concert with our neighbors.  This is definitely one of my favorite moments each week. Our neighbors sitting physically distant but all of us toe tapping and singing along to the music.  I am so grateful. Dash took another nap.

Then because we’d sat down for thirty minutes, it was time for another Mom project.  It was the first sunny day in what felt like a week and I felt it was a good opportunity for us to stain our swing set.  Why?  Because it needed staining and we had a can of leftover stain from our deck in the garage. 

I pitched it as a super fun project for the family to do.  Ok scratch that, Mike went inside, but the girls and I got to use real paint brushes and went Picasso on that swing set.  It looks great, and after it was done, the girls did more swinging then they have done since they were out of school.

The visions of our new swing set couldn’t contain the girls when the mail truck arrived and dropped off Cecilia’s birthday package of clothes from her grandparents. Cecilia immediately had to try on all her new outfits and make sure her hair and accessories matched the look. She emerged looking like a teenager.  

Speaking of looks, Allison (actually all of us) are looking shaggy so I decided to trim her bangs.  She was sure I would botch them but was relieved to see that I kept them looking “cool.”  Next customer on my list will be Mike.  That may require a post all on its own.

Okay, it turns out Mike was inside baking huge oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. He was off the hook for skipping out on painting. This partnership has worked for over 20 years because we each know our lanes. Most of the time. Plus, cookies. Fresh cookies always helps.

Glad it only took seven weeks of pandemic isolation to get Ally to put her soccer cleats back on.

To end the day we decided to make steak frites (we had made crepes earlier in the week) as a nod to our cancelled trip to France.  I guess we will have to wait a little longer to see if they serve Shirley Temples in Paris.

So right now we are on this pandemic plane ride, seated cheek to jowl with our families, waiting and anticipating but as each day passes I try to find comfort that we will remain together and will land safely. Tired but excited to be at our new destination.