Scenes from Saturday + Tinsel & Time

When you become a parent, your relationship with time changes.

We can’t wait for them to start walking, to start school, to make their first flash card, eat their first slice of pizza, to jump into life with both feet. But this also means that they’ll never again be what they are right now. Blink, get distracted, pick up your phone, take it for granted? It’s gone. You’ve missed it.

I did my best to remember that at 5 a.m. yesterday when the wrapping paper was flying, the tinsel was underfoot, and the caffeine hadn’t kicked in.

Tempus fugit. Time flies.

I am sure the scenes in your house looked very similar to the ones in ours.

I am also sure, based on my history with glitters, that you can guess my feelings on tinsel.

Gifts were opened. They even managed to look excited about the books.

Aw, it’s a bowling ball.

Cecilia was very proud of her wrapping job.

For me, Christmas is inextricably linked with Molly Pitcher and the Jersey Turnpike. I can’t remember a Christmas from my youth that didn’t involve at least a four hour drive.

One the plus side, it’s one of the best driving days of the year.

At least it used to be. Weather and Connecticut conspired against us. It was a slog. But the billboard was up.

The weather finally cleared (though the bumper stickers took a turn) by the time we made it to Vince Lombardi in Jersey.

Christmas day is the one time I’ll willingly take the truck side. Saw less than five trucks between exits 16 and 7.

Much of the rest of the day was spent with catching up with cousins and eating too much food.

It’s good to know that just like body humor, Magic 8 balls (and their derivatives) never lose their power.

One good thing about family gatherings? A whole new audience for Ally’s showmanship.

She won the family karaoke battle with a rousing rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.

It’s good to know my competitiveness didn’t go completely to waste. It just took a different form.

Every family has their own unique holiday traditions. One of ours is the re-appearance of these strange, slightly naughty (?), or at least slightly unusual, cake decorations.

After a pandemic hiatus, the saucy elves were back!

Merry Christmas! Tempus fugit.


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