Scenes from Saturday + They’re Back!

The girls spent last week at the Cape attending Camp Grammie (& Poppy). According to them, they spent their days swimming, looking for sand dollars, staying up late, painting, eating ice cream at every meal, and making memories. Pretty much what girls their age should be doing in the summer. Grammie assured me there was some broccoli and even a little reading during the week, but no dreaded math facts.

With the girls away, it allowed Michelle and I to…. work more and watch Netflix on the couch a few hours earlier. I think the quiet almost shocked us into a state of indolence. Turns out, there is a rhythm to the house that you come to rely on to keep you on track when everyone is operating near the edge of exhaustion.

Here are the things I missed the least:

  1. Constantly picking up shoes, pillows, blankets and doll accessories that the little tornadoes leave in their wake
  2. Listening to the two of them try to wrest control of Alexa from each other
  3. The daily litigation session at dinner where Ally negotiates how many florets of broccoli she has to eat
  4. The ongoing soap opera of Cecilia and her piano practice
  5. The empty house

 Here are the things I missed the most:

  1. Watching Ally break out some dance moves in the kitchen while I make dinner
  2. Listening to them crack each other up with a very stupid joke
  3. Sleepy-eyed hugs in the morning
  4. Seeing Dash get so excited when they both come home after camp
  5. The empty house

We started the day with….an empty couch. Can’t break blog tradition just because the couch is lacking it’s cute props. Notice the lack of clutter!


Today was a big day for Michelle. It’s probably one of her top-5 days of the year. I’m afraid to ask her to rank them. I’m not sure where our anniversary would rank. It was the Boden sample sale on the Cape! 

Working from home, I don’t really need a wardrobe. Seventeen varieties of gray t-shirts and jeans work fine. But Michelle actually has to look professional on a daily basis. The Boden sample sale is her secret weapon. Once a year she goes a little nuts. She doesn’t really buy clothes the rest of the year. Seems like a fair trade-off.

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We hit the road early to get over the bridge, but again, being temporarily childless and lazy, didn’t quite make it in time. I really wanted to checkout that classic Airstream.


Well, we did have one child with us. He didn’t ask for his tablet, but he wasn’t happy with the traffic.


I dropped Michelle off and then kept my distance. I’ve learned sample sales are best witnessed from a distance. Better to just stay clear and wait it out.

While Michelle was inside, Dash and I went for a walk. The hotel has a nice beach-front set up. Wish we were here for this and not clothes shopping. 


Michelle appeared happy with her haul. Don’t be fooled, you can fit a lot of clothes and shoes into those bags.


Then it was back in traffic to drive to get the girls. They appeared happy to see us. We’ll see how long that lasts (probably until flashcard time tomorrow).


Before heading back home, there was time for a quick dip in the pool.


And some lounging. All that shopping makes a woman tired.


Visual proof that you can smile, laugh, and have fun without an electronic device in the car! Cecilia remains skeptical. She thinks I photoshopped this one.


So now they are back. I’m sure in three days I’ll be ready to pack them up and ship them off to another relative, but for now it’s nice to have a full house (No, not that Full House. Cut it out.)