Scenes from Saturday + The Lover’s Cafe

Find some good and praise it. That’s my new mantra as we pass Thanksgiving and head into December. I’m trying not to fall into the conflict and criticism trap.

As a Dad, I’m always going to have more success rewarding good behavior than punishing bad behavior. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes there’s just too much glitter on the floor and it goes to my head. I see red. But I’m trying hard not to make that my primary reaction. Parenting is a daily choice: try to inspire or cave in to disillusion. Empower or depress.

I hope my relationship with Michelle is empowering and inspiring. It’s one choice that’s been paying off for over 20 years now and based on the kid’s behavior the other night, I think maybe some of that partnership is shining through…

It was our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday night and the kids have been planning to make a surprise dinner all week long. I was mostly focused on Thanksgiving and baking and paid it all little attention. Until I was starving around four o’clock and was banned (very sternly) from the kitchen by Cecilia. I was told my reservation at the Lover’s Cafe was confirmed for six. I should shower, brush my teeth and wear a button down plaid shirt. Very specific dress code at this place.

I was pretty sure I would be gnawing on the table cloth and waiting until at least 8 or 9 for some food but the girls did a great job. We always joke that Cecilia’s law-and-order personality will work out great as a CEO or small island dictator but maybe she’ll run a kitchen someday?

She even researched our wedding playlist so we were able to enjoy dinner to the dulcet tones of AC/DC and Bon Jovi!

Okay, on to Saturday.

[spoiler] We went to the transfer station on Friday, not Saturday so you’ll have to wait until next week for the DPW holiday lights display reveal.

Everyone slept in after staying late at the cave but the girls watched the new Hot Chocolate Nutcracker doc on Netflix. Debbie Allen is not to be messed with but might be a few years still until they watch Fame.

It was a little too wet for a family hike yesterday but we managed to get up to the top yesterday. Ally had her typical survival pack. What will the lasting impact of constantly needing a water bottle and snack be on this generation?

Since Michelle tackled the lights and leaves on Friday afternoon, it left her free to focus on the indoor decorations on Saturday.

No transfer station photos but a holiday shot of the Kale pillow. This is also now known as the Lover’s Cafe waiting room.

Sadly, the air fryer goes back on Monday but we did use it to gussy up the mashed potato leftovers into potato croquettes for dinner. Finally a use for a cheese stick that I can support.

Pretty sure Ally might have enjoyed this meal more than Thanksgiving.

Finally, we ended the day by walking down the neighbors to support the struggling fire pit and s’mores industry and figure out once and for all the best liquor to match with hot apple cider.

I voted for bourbon. Michelle went with rum. The host was vehement it was the peanut butter whiskey.

Not sure if that was the whiskey talking or the peanut butter.



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