Scenes from Saturday + The Greenway

Cecilia and Ally have spent many weekend mornings cheering me, or Michelle, on at various finishing lines. They have gone to the Boston Marathon almost every year they’ve been alive. They have been unofficial timers and participants at Thursday track workouts. They are quite used to me referring to Desi, Shalane, and Meb as if they are my personal friends. They are still young enough to think that most other parents get up and run in the dark. 

So they really didn’t bat an eye as I’ve been enthusiastically talking about my “friend” Eluid Kipchoge after he destroyed the marathon world record two weeks ago. I was reminded in this article just why he remains a good role model for the girls and how many running lessons translate to good parenting lessons, too: 

Overcome challenges – do not let that tricky math problem get the best of you

Keep calm and carry on – no one plays a new piano song right the first time, frustration isn’t going to help anyone

Planning is key – flash cards, piano, reading: a well-documented routine keeps everyone (i.e., Dad) happy

Be humble – even if you do get on the podium, Dad is still making dinner and walking the dog

Maybe one day the girls will grow up to write a musical about runners!

We start Saturday where we always start…..

…on the couch, with a scene that I’m guessing will resemble much of the teenage years.


While I was out for the Saturday run with the Soles, Cecilia was keen to show a visiting Grandmother and Papa the correct way to cook scrambled eggs.


When I returned from the run, I found breakfast in full swing and Ally sprawled on the floor. This isn’t actually that unusual.


After breakfast, Cecilia took the dogs and her grandparents on a walk of the neighborhood. It’s good to get daughters and dogs moving in the morning. Not sure about grandparents.


Meanwhile, why do we need a 529 when Ally is ready to set up shop as an entrepreneur? She was even quick to tell me she accepts credit cards and pretty Canadian money. We had a good chat about exchange rates. Bottom line? She still thinks Canada has pretty money.


Soon it was time for week #3 of soccer. This is also known as the last week I have any new tricks up my sleeve that the kids haven’t seen.

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The weather cooperated, the kids liked the addition of the disco light to red light, green light and we had a really good game. It comes as a bit of surprises, but I think they are getting better! Must be the weekly popsicles.


After soccer, we took further advantage of the nice weather and went into the city to walk the Greenway before getting an early dinner.

The girls were fascinated by this water sculpture in the lobby of the building where we parked.


The water theme would continue. You’d think it was 90 degrees out the way they were attracted to every water feature on the Greenway.

Everything’s a stage for these two. Admittedly, I probably don’t help this mindset giving them starring roles every Saturday.


They liked pretending the mist was Broadway stage craft and that they had starring roles in Wicked.


Amazingly, neither of them ended up soaked despite all the close fountain proximity. Maybe they are growing up. Two years ago, one of them definitely would have been soaked at the dinner table.


You can’t hit the Greenway and not hit up the carousel. And it was free today! 


Ducking off the Greenway, we hit up the North End for some cookies and fresh bread at Modern and Bricco. 


The bread was ostensibly for Sunday dinner and beyond, but 15 minutes after we bought it no one could stand the aroma any longer and we had to take a quick pit stop for another snack. It’s the best bread shop in Boston for a reason.


On the way back, we hit up the Aquarium just in time for a seal training session.


Then it was on to the South End for some Giacomo’s. Twenty years of meals here and the food hasn’t changed and neither have the lines. Still so good! Especially after a day of running, soccer and wandering the city.


I never worry about going hungry when the DiLisis come to visit. I often worry if the table legs will support the amount of food that is ordered. We did an admirable job, I think.


I was too stunned from gorging on pasta and seafood to do much else the rest of the night but moan and move my thumb enough to change the channel. Tough life, I know.



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