Scenes from Saturday + Test Day

I spent the first seven years of my post-collegiate time in a job I really didn’t enjoy. And I knew it within days of starting. The fact that it took me almost a decade to pluck up the courage to leave probably tells you a lot about my personality. I do not like to make waves and I will suffer silently for long periods of time. 

Cecilia is knee-deep in learning fractions  and we’ve had the usual ups and downs. I’m trying to get her to understand the importance of asking questions. Sitting silently and suffering if you don’t know something is a huge waste of time. If you’re not asking questions, you’re probably not challenging yourself. Or, if you have all the answers, you are likely quite satisfied with yourself in your comfort zone. Neither is good.

Asking questions is a key part of learning a new skill and moving forward. I do not want them to be like me, too scared, shy or proud to ask for help and then suddenly look back at a huge swath of seven years of wasted time.

You know who’s not wasting time? Michelle. It was testing day. No time for couch lounging. She was up early, in her lucky sweater, and cramming a few more subjective HR answers into her head. 

My eyes have glazed over more than once listening to practice questions from that book in the last few months. I now recognize the look Chelle gets when I start excitedly talking about fonts or color swatches.


The girls did start on the couch with some Garfield. Here Dash is sharing his “blue steel” gimme breakfast look.


With Michelle hitting the road early to get to the test center, there was no group run for me. I might have missed my friends, but I really didn’t miss the wind or the hills on the trainer. 

And yes, those headphones are circa 1994. I buy them buy the case. I’ve tried many wireless and waterproof versions but if you’ve seen me sweat….well they always short out. Better to burn through $7 headphones every few months.


There’s nothing like the promise of going out to breakfast to motivate Allison to get out of her couch cocoon and get dressed without a fuss.


Our usual breakfast spot has been closed for renovations (is the Eastside closed for good?) and while it’s undoubtedly been good for my cholesterol, we’ve missed good griddle pancakes. The 50’s Diner made the grade with Ally and she’s a tough critic.

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Turns out I can’t get her to practice in the house, but give her a 20k piano in the middle of Costco and she’s good to go.


Ally was just happy to drive the cart.


Back at home you know it’s a serious craft-ernoon session when they bring out the suitcases of good markers.


Ally decorated some recycling (behind the card) for a vase and made a card for Mom.


This was before we got official word: she passed! Ally had faith but given the wonkiness of this test, this was not a given. Nice lesson to show the girls all the hard work paid off.


While newly certified Michelle was driving back, the day chugged on. We hit up the library. Ally never gets tired of pointing out my face on a Soles poster in the library lobby.


Cecilia’s team bounced back from last week’s loss with a good game, but still fell short by a few baskets. In other positive news, they turned the heat on in the gym.


She was much more excited to get home and practice some trombone than she was about playing defense.


One reason we moved a few years ago was to have more room. So where do the girls spend a solid hour playing when friends come over? In their closet cave.


For dinner, we crashed our friend’s birthday party for some hibachi. But really I think we were doing them a favor. We provided enough people to get our own grill. Who wants to eat dinner with strangers? Small talk and digestion don’t go well together. This also sums up my fear of bed and breakfast places.


If you remember Ally’s fondue face. It turns out it is genetic and perfectly matches Michelle’s sake face.


Being a certified HR pro does not automatically provide you the ability to catch the tossed zucchini piece. Michelle was 0 for 4.


It does however make the celebratory champagne and froyo tastes a lot better at the end of the day.


With a diner breakfast, hibachi dinner, plus champagne and ice cream it was not a low cal day. Then again, you don’t usually remember the low cal days. Better to live a little.